Develop and consume RESTful services using the new Eclipse OData modeler

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Standard [35 minutes]

There are lots of ways to develop consumption applications for both mobile & non-mobile .One of the emerging protocols in that context is the Open Data Protocol (OData). The interest in OData has grown exponentially and professional developers have adopted it for creating light weight business applications. But how do they do it? What is the natural development environment and, more specifically, are there any built-in Eclipse capabilities for developing an OData based project?

Now, for the first time, it is possible to model, create, and consume OData services in one Eclipse plug-in. Using the new OData graphical modeler for Eclipse (built on Graphiti), you can create a new OData model or modify an existing one. You can then consume it utilizing the built-in Java toolkit which guides you through the process of creating your business application.

Please join our session, where we will begin with OData basics then demo an end-to-end development story, starting from OData service modeling through service creation, and end it with the creation of a light weight Java based (Android) application. We will also present the basic architecture behind the tool, which (built on EMF) can be extended to different platforms and technologies.

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