Building your own PaaS using Red Hat OpenShift

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Red Hat's open source cloud offerings are enabling a number of innovations to help make life easier for developers. This free, technical bootcamp is your chance to build your own platform as a service with the open source code Red Hat uses to power its OpenShift platform. OpenShift is a free, auto-scaling PaaS based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and built on top on Amazon EC2. In this session, you'll learn how to:

- Take the code and projects that power OpenShift to build your own PaaS
- Run OpenShift on your laptop or in your own data center
- Build and deploy your own app
- Add and manage a MongoDB backend

This is a hands on session, so bring your laptops -- by the end of the you'll have a PaaS of your own running on your laptop and several applications running on the cloud. Plus we'll have cool prizes to raffle off for attendees, including Amazon gift cards and OpenShift swag.

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