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BIRT, Basics, and Beyond

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3 hours]

Professional entertainer, author, and globe trotting BIRT expert John Ward brings his unique approach of educating, entertaining, and engaging attendees with this tutorial that will guide users on a journey through the BIRT Universe. Before leaving attendees will be building and running sophisticated BIRT reports. The example reports are based on real world examples that highlight best practices and are designed to get students proficient with the BIRT Report Designer.

This class will highlight the following areas of BIRT development:
-Report Design
-Connecting to Data Sources
-Report Item Layout in a Report Design
-Formatting Report Items
-Re-use in a development team
-Deployment of BIRT and BIRT reports

Schedule info

Time slot: 
25 March 09:00 - 12:00


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