Big time scaling with OSGi and NoSQL.

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Standard [35 minutes]

In this session, attendees will learn about the different levels of concern within SOA and where to implement different frameworks within enterprise architectures to provide the best levels of scalability. Tips and tricks that can only be learn through the school of hard knocks are presented here to give the attendee a big leap ahead in architecting their systems for growth. It will also point out common trouble spots often encountered in large-scale systems. These are advanced system integration concepts with a focus on scalability using OSGi and NoSQL in a service-orientated architecture. Whether you are using web services, integration frameworks, messaging or all the above, designing your system to scale is one of the hardest hurdles to over come.

This session will help you to avoid some common mistakes made as an architect and developer of SOA. Identifying pitfalls that can cause major headaches with performance, as well as avoiding problems with replication.

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OSGi DevCon
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