Beyond Mylyn, leverage the data of your IDE

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Standard [35 minutes]

Over the last few years, with the rise of application lifecycle management tools, your IDE became a technical data powerhouse. Within the development team, developers are manipulating a broad range of data thanks to dedicated tools. Ranging from the PDE to EGit and including Mylyn Tasks, Mylyn Build, m2clipse and even the platform itself, we have now access to countless of tools just a click away.

Your IDE is now a maze of tools that are sometime communicating with each others yet you cannot easily access or manipulate the data that they are creating. Ariadne is a brand new open source Eclipse-based tool built to cut through the maze by leveraging the data collected by your IDE.

With those data, Ariadne can provide you with a bird eye view of your IDE to monitor your project. Contrary to existing tools like Checkstyle or Sonar, Ariadne does not consider that a project is limited to its code and it can let you define cross concern requirements to help you keep your project in line.

Finally, with its data-driven approach, you will see how Ariadne can help you measure the impact of the changes that you want to realize on your project.

During 35 minutes, you will see how Ariadne can use the daily work of an Eclipse committer to help the management of an Eclipse project. A demonstration will also show you the information extracted from Eclipse and how you can use the computed data.

Plan of the talk:

  • Presentation of the problem
  • The description of Ariadne
  • Demonstration
  • Architecture of Ariadne
  • Manipulation of the computed data

slides from EclipseCon Europe 2012

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