Advanced Git: Things you need to know about Git but were afraid to ask

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Tutorial [3 hours]

You may know the basics of Git, but too many of us learn Git by example, never getting past the few magical incantations we need to commit code and push and pull from GitHub. This works most of the time, but do you really want to use such a powerful tool without knowing a few of its internals? Do you want to be caught unprepared on the rare occasion in which you have a problem to solve? Come to this workshop to learn the following:

  • How to reshape your commit history with rebase
  • How to undo mistakes with reflog, reset, and revert
  • The internal data structures used to represent the files stored in each commit
  • The data structures used to represent Git history, branches, and tags
  • What "upstream tracking branches" really mean
  • Porcelain, plumbing, and how to extend Git
  • More!

This presentation focused on command-line demos and did not use slides as such, but here are some helpful links:

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25 March 09:00 - 12:00


ALM Connect
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