Profiling C/C++ Applications Using Eclipse

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Tutorial [3 hours]

This tutorial will focus on the Eclipse C/C++ Profiling tools supplied by the Linux Tools project. Tool strengths will be discussed as well as overlap in functionality between them. Attendees will be shown how to use the tools by walking through sample C/C++ scenarios. In addition, the class will be given sample C/C++ applications to profile on their own using the tools.

Profiling tools covered will include: Perf, OProfile, SystemTap, Valgrind, Gcov, and GProf

Familiarity with C/C++ is highly recommended to get maximum benefit out of the exercises. USB sticks loaded with Fedora Live plus required packages will be issued so as to minimize start-up time and ensure that a common OS is being used. Examples that illustrate low-level profiling such as pipe-lining, branch prediction, and data cache have been developed using an x86_64 platform.

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Time slot: 
25 March 13:00 - 16:00


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