EclipseCon Call for Papers

EclipseCon 2013 is coming to Boston on March 25-28, 2013. Once again we are looking for fascinating speakers and compelling topics for the conference agenda. Do you have something inspiring, innovative, educational, or just plain interesting to present? Then we want to hear from you!

EclipseCon is about sharing best practices, insights, case studies, and innovations in the Eclipse community and in the wider world of software development. We want attendees to be educated and inspired after each talk.

Please note: Submissions are now closed for EclipseCon 2013. We have left this page up so you can see our policies.

For questions about submitting, please see the Submission FAQs. To contact us, send email.

Some potential ideas for talks:

  • Innovation in Eclipse Projects. Tell us about a new Eclipse project or some significant new feature that is going to change the world. We tend to not accept “What is New in X Release” talks since people can read about this on a project page.
  • Best Practices Using Eclipse. Lots of organizations use different Eclipse technologies to build amazing applications for enterprise, mobile, and embedded. We want to teach attendees the best way to use these technologies to build successful industry solutions. We would especially like to hear from people who have built real-life applications using Eclipse technologies.
  • Making Open Source and Community Real. The Eclipse community has a wealth of experience working in open source and distributed communities. A lot of this knowledge is transferable to large-scale development within IT shops. Tell us your experiences of working in the open source community.
  • Cool Stuff. If you have something to share that doesn't quite fit into one of the other themes, don't be shy. EclipseCon attendees are a curious bunch, always interested in learning about the next big thing. Let us know what you are doing and thinking.

EclipseCon will also include two sub-conferences, OSGi DevCon and ALM Connect. We invite speakers to submit proposals for both these events.

  • OSGi DevCon is the place to get the latest on OSGi technologies. We want to hear about experiences from speakers who have deployed OSGi-based systems, both large- and small-scale, as well as embedded, enterprise, or desktop systems. We are also especially keen on tools and frameworks that make it easy to build, use, and deploy OSGi-based applications.
  • ALM Connect is a new conference that connects the latest developments around Agile and ALM to the tools that make developers and teams productive across the application lifecycle. Agile methods, open source tools and new deployment destinations such as mobile and cloud are transforming the way that we build software. As a result, in the last few years we have witnessed an explosion in new tools and processes that make building and deploying software easier. ALM Connect will explore and educate attendees on the new landscape for integrating tools and people to enable a new level of software development and collaboration.

Check out the details on the ALM Connect Call for Papers page.

In the submission system we have set up Tracks to help categorize the speaker proposals. Please select one of the following Tracks for your proposal.

  • Eclipse 4
  • EclipseRT
  • Modeling
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Tools
  • Community
  • Cool Stuff (Other)
  • OSGi DevCon
  • ALM Connect

If you aren't sure what category is the best fit for your submission, just take a best guess and the program committee may change it later.

The two submission system Talk Types are

  • Tutorial (3 hours)
  • Standard (35 minutes)

NOTE: We strongly encourage the actual speaker to submit their own proposals. Sometimes a third party will submit on a speaker’s behalf. Typically such proposals are not accepted. We want speakers who are engaged and really want to speak at the conference. The program committee will review all proposals, but proposals submitted by third parties will be given lower priority.

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