Early Talk Selection


The EclipseCon 2013 Program Committee is pleased to announce the 5 early selections for conference program. Congratulations to the 5 speakers:

- Shawn Pearce, Scaling Up JGit
- Jake Wharton, Bootstrapping Android Apps with Open Source
- Tamar Cohen, NASA uses Eclipse RCP applications for experiments on the International Space Station
- Tony McCrary, Bling: The GPU powered Game IDE
- Thomas Schindl, Modern UIs with JavaFX, OSGi, and e4 and the tooling provided by e(fx)clipse

The OSGi DevCon Program Committee also made one early selection. Congratulations to Paul Bakker and Marel Offermans for having their talk Modularity in the Cloud: a Case Study selected.

As a reminder the deadline for the call for papers for EclipseCon, ALM Connect and OSGi DevCon is November 19, 2013. Please submit your session proposals today!

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