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Corrie Kwan
Cristiano Mising name Central Bank of Brazil
Software Architect
Cuero Bugot Sierra Wireless
Embedded R&D Manager
Gardening, Woodworking, Electronics/Computer Science
Dag Rende FindOut Technologies AB
System Architect
Modeling Software, Eclipse RCP, GEF, Google Web Toolkit, Collaborative Application Development, Simple and Advanced User Interfaces
Dave Gruber Black Duck
Director of Developer Programs
Dave Neary Red Hat
Community Action and Impact
Running, reading, family, Free Software.
Dave West
David Berger
David Dodd eBay
Platform Infrastructure Engineer
eclipse, PDE, OSGi, Developer Productivity, Ice Hockey, Guitar, Music
David Taieb IBM
Senior Software Engineer - Lead Developer Watson Core UI & Tooling
OSGi, Eclipse, J2EE, Machine Learning, NLP
Davide Moreo Telecom Italia
Software Engineer
Denis Denisenko OnPositive
VP of Business Development
Denis Kalinin
Denis Roy Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
IT Director
Dennis Fridlyand
Dennis Huebner itemis
Build Engineer / Xtext Committer
Xtext, Xtend, Modeling, RCP, Buckminster, OSGI
Dmitry Korotkov
Domenic Alessi Ericsson
Product Manager
p2, Equinox, Platform, Enterprise deployment of Eclipse, ALM
Dominique Toupin Ericsson
Tool Manager
Dongjin Bae
Doug Clarke Oracle Canada
Director of Product Management
Doug Schaefer QNX Software Systems/BlackBerry
Development Tools Architect
If it's a shiny ball, I'll probably follow it.
Dwight Mulcahy CloudShield Technologies
Sr. Software Developer
Ed Merks itemis
Eclipse Modeling Project Lead
Eclipse, Modeling
Eddie Galvez
Edgar Mueller EclipseSource Munich
Software Engineer
EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, RCP
Edward Hom Voxware Inc
Principal Software Engineer
Eike Stepper ES - Computersysteme
Modeling, Architecture, Good Design, Collaboration
Eirik F. Wahl Itema AS
System Developer. Consultant for Sintef MARINTEK.
ekkehard gentz ekkes-corner UG
Software Architect
Emac Shen eBay Inc.

Senior Software Engineer
Eric Cloninger
Eric Moffatt IBM Rational Canada
Eclipse 4 Dev Lead
All forms of pixel pushing (GUI, Visualization, CAD...), Most forms of ball pushing (Golf, Billiards...), Video game mayhem, Quantum Mechanics / Astrophysics (OK, just the easy stuff..;-)
Eric Munoz Voxware
Senior Software Engineer
Erik Englund Axios, Inc.
Software Engineer
Errol Pinkney
Esben Rugbjerg
Etienne Juliot Obeo
Vice President
Modeling, System Engineering, Acceleo, Graphical DSL
Eugen Neufeld EclipseSource Munich GmbH
Software Engineer
Eyal Kobrigo
Felix Meschberger Adobe
Principal Scientist
OSGi, Apache Felix, Apache Sling, Apache Aries
Ferry Huberts Pelagic
OSGi, Bndtools, Bnd
Francis Giraldeau
Francois Rajotte
Frederic Huguenin
Gaetan Morice Sierra Wireless
Embedded Tools Manager
M2M, IoT, Lua, Koneki, Mihini, Clojure
Gary Pollice Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Professor of Practice
Software Engineering, OOAD, Language and compiler technology, Testing, Metrics and empirical methods
Geert Jansen Ravello Systems

Directory, Product Marketing
George Loring Walmart
Systems Analyst
Gilles J. Iachelini CSC Switzerland GmbH
Application Architect

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