Agile Development Plus Continuous Delivery is IT Orchestration

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Agile Development has evolved into a lifecycle impacting not only the IT department, but the overall business. Forward thinking enterprises recognize the benefits delivered by the implementation of Agile Development, but may not be implementing it to its full potential. Recent data reveals that development teams have united on agile practices, but lack communication with operations and other development teams and customers. In turn, projects are often slowed and agile success stymied. It goes to show that while Agile has proliferated in most businesses, it is still not being utilized to its maximum value.

Similar to the adoption of Agile, organizations are moving towards continuous delivery to speed the process of pushing software out to production. Continuous delivery is the automated implementation of the build, deploy, test, and release processes. It provides quick automated feedback on the production-readiness of a release project and embraces the DevOps philosophy.

Continuous Delivery is the step most Agile organizations are missing.

Today’s successful business is lean, efficient and lives online. It is an agile enterprise, relying on non-traditional IT imperatives like the cloud, mobile and social computing. Continuous deployment delivers the speed and agility companies want.

In this educational session, software industry veteran Ash Owen of Serena Software will discuss the benefits of continuous delivery through real-world examples. He will introduce the five steps organizations can take to optimize continuous delivery. Ash will specifically discuss:
1. Using a unified portal for Business and IT: what the best practices and technical considerations for having a centralized portal to capture, review and update business requests.
2. Capturing accurate and detailed business requirements: how to manage requirements in a “water-scrum-fall” environment, so organizations can have detailed requirements while still delivering on agile sprints.
3. Managing traceability of requirements through an introduction to technical considerations for ensuring requirements traceability from initial business request through development and to deployment into production.
4. Using a common release calendar and framework for multiple development environments. Companies need to present a common development framework that allows multiple platforms to be released consistently.
5. Balancing continuous delivery vs. stage-gate deployments: introduce how Development and Operations can strike a balance between “self-service” continuous delivery and more regimented release trains, which is favored by IT Operations.

Ash will take it a step further by introducing the four necessary steps enterprises need to follow in order to deliver agility across their application development lifecycle. Attendees will learn the tips and tricks to how enterprises can automate the tools and processes that are already in place and increase overall development efficiency.

Ashley (Ash) Owen is the Director of Orchestrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Strategy at Serena Software. With over 25 years in the industry, both in EMEA and the Americas, “Ash” is an authority on the disciplines, practices and processes of ALM across multiple industries with particular emphasis on Demand, Development and Deployment. With successful track records in a variety of roles--spanning development, customer support, product management and marketing--Ash is an expert in uncovering in unique ideas and teaching the tactics leading to successful application lifecycle implementation. He is passionate about solving application development and delivery problems, and has the speaking “chops” to bring to light new ideas when it comes to ALM. The ALM market is evolving, and Ash has been there from its modest beginning, to this exciting new chapter. Ash holds a BSc. Honors in Computer Science from Exeter University in the UK. He is also a certified Scrum Master.

His past speaking engagements include:
• ALM Expo 2011
• Agile Development Conference – West
• CMCrossroads
• Gartner AD Conference
• Microsoft DevDays
• IBM Share
• Serena xChange WW Conference
• Serena Mid-Atlantic User Group
• UK Customer Day
• Regional User Groups across NA, EMEA and APAC

Serena Software ( provides Orchestrated IT solutions to the Global 2000. Serena’s core purpose is to advance the business value of IT. Serena’s 4,000 active enterprise customers, encompassing one million users worldwide, have made it the largest independent application lifecycle management (ALM) vendor and the only one that orchestrates DevOps, the processes that brings together application development and operations. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena serves enterprise customers from 29 offices in 14 countries.

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