SOA Symposium

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Building on the success of the SOA Symposium in Eclipse Con Europe, this track intends to provide a more focused, practical presentation of Eclipse SOA projects.

The track will present conceptually, in demos and with programming examples how different components of the SOA project will be used together to

* define a business process model in a domain language via Mangrove,
* As building blocks for the process model specified above, design Web Services and document them using Nuxeo(Eclipse ECR)-based EasySOA Registry and Java Workflow Tooling EMF-ECM bridge,
* then develop, deploy and monitor those using Talend ESB,
* create HTML5-based UI components on Orion as further building blocks for the process model specified above,
* enrich the initial process model in the Stardust Browser Modeler integrated in Orion to create an end-to-end process model
* alternatively view and edit the process model using the eclipse BPMN2 Modeler, and finally
* deploy all of the above to an executable process model on Stardust.

This will show how end-to-end process-centric applications with system integration aspects can be developed with Eclipse and Orion tooling.

In addition, 6 slots of 5-minutes talks will be opened up to the Eclipse SOA community to fill in before February, in order to introduce innovating uses or technologies that are of interest to Eclipse SOA users.

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25 March 09:00 - 12:00
Beacon Hill 1


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Change title

I have changed the name of this session to the SOA Symposium since it will be consistent with the naming for the other sessions of this type. I hope that is okay.

1h vs 3h

It is just too much for 1h and if we can replicate the attendance/adoption we had at EclipseCon Europe this year, we should be fine.

1 hr slot

We were considering is to provide 1 hr slots from 5-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday for Symposiums. Do you think this would be of interest to SOA group?

If not, we can still look at providing you a room for 3 hrs on Monday during the tutorials. However, you might have a lot of ‘competition’ for attendees during the tutorials.

Let me know if you would like to be considered for the 1hr slot.

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