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Standard [35 minutes]

So you're a seasoned Eclipse RCP 3.x developer who has attended an e4 tutorial, and you're excited to get the chance to apply your newly learned skills on a pure e4 project. Permit me to make a bold prediction: Although you may feel well-prepared to make full use of dependency injection, services, and the event bus, I predict that you will find yourself spending precious time figuring out how to map your Eclipse RCP 3.x experiences to e4. I can confidently make this bold prediction because that's exactly what I did.

In this talk, I'll share my initial experiences with e4 "through Eclipse 3.x eyes", describing some of the issues that I encountered and how I solved them. The issues I intend to cover revolve primarily around RCP UI (commands, handlers, menus, and selection). Due to the nature of my experiences (starting work on a new, e4-based application), the focus here is on migrating a skillset rather than an application.

This talk will be a time-saver for any developer with experience in Eclipse 3.x RCP thinking about working on a new, e4-based project. A firm grasp of Eclipse RCP 3.x UI essentials (primarily commands, handlers, menus, and selection) is required.

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Much better!

Thanks :-)

Introduction tweaked

Thanks for the tip, Sven! I've made some changes, and I think it now speaks a bit more to the audience without changing the core message.

change the introduction

starting the abstract saying that you just have learned about the topic you want to present isn't particularly compelling.
Maybe you want to change that a bit. But I like that you take the view point of a 3.x user nonetheless.

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