Agile Development using Visual Requirement Definition and Management Methods

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Standard [35 minutes]

The advantages of applying lean and agile techniques to software design and development activities of are now well established and understood in IT focused organisations.

Often many IT organisations who have implemented agile techniques continue to struggle because they either do business analysis activities through a waterfall process or skip upfront requirements analysis completely as proposed by agile purists. How do we use requirements definition and management in an agile process?

This talk/session provides a framework for evaluating the best use of requirements definition and management in agile project development. We conclude by giving some examples of the Agile project in flight today by a some live teams.

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I'm not sure where to put my bio and when I try and upload slides the browse button doesn't work to allow me to upload anything. I'm using IE 9.0.8. I do have some slides today that are methodology and slightly tool focused for this topic. My plan was to remove the tool focus parts and only concentrate on the generic RM methodology for Agile.

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Can you please update your speaker bio so the PC has a better understand of where you work and any previous speaking engagements. If you have slides for this talk, please feel free to add them.


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