How To Outfox Testers and Avoid Embarrassment at Standup Meetings

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Standard [35 minutes]

Let's face it: One of the more embarrassing things that can happen to you as a developer is finding out at the standup meeting that you've broken the previous night's tests. Everybody pointing and laughing...and above all those smug testers, who think they're so great just because their automated test suite spotted a regression that you introduced while fixing something else. It turns out it's an off-by-one error. Easy enough to fix, but the damage to your otherwise sterling reputation is already done: You are the laughing stock of the team for the day.

OK, so your standups probably don't actually involve pointing and laughing, and your testers probably aren't so much smug as glad to see that their efforts prevented a defect from breaking out into the wild. Despite all this, you'd probably still be happy to avoid this situation. As it turns out, it's not that difficult.

Automated UI testing gives testers a leg-up by allowing automated functional regression tests to be run every night, but there's no reason that developers can't also greatly benefit from these technologies. Bringing automated UI testing features into your Eclipse IDE lets you run tests without having to commit your changes and fire up a CI build. In fact, you don't need to build at all. Running tests this way shortens the code / test feedback loop, which helps maintain focus and productivity.

In this talk, I'll explain why automated UI testing technologies belong in your IDE. I'll also demonstrate this integration using Eclipse and Jubula. Anyone interested in Test Driven Development at the UI level (and in avoiding embarrassment at standups) won't want to miss this talk.

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