Binary Repository for Non-Developers

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Standard [35 minutes]

With the dawn of agile and what seems to be the beginning of a renaissance for good ALM, many important concepts have risen; the Binary Repository is one of them and is already considered an indispensable piece of infrastructure.
But why should developers have all the fun? Many concepts of ALM aren't exclusive to developers and can actually provide immense benefit in nearby fields such as DevOps, QA and content management.

This talk will show you how you can reap what the agile movement has shown, for your non-developer users. We will demonstrate how QA teams auto-fetch the right binaries for testers to use; how products can be automatically assembled from a set of identified binaries; how technical writers interact with binaries to produce the release docs; and how DevOps interact with dynamic release and snapshot versions to automatically deploy to staging and production, using tools like Puppet and Chef.
We will demo the use of REST, Groovy and Grails to build an automation layer that non-developers can use.

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Thanks, Ian. I updated the abstract.

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Yoav, this sounds like an interesting talk but can you please provide more details about what you plan to present. It would be great if you could update the abstract to be more specific about the talk details.


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