Task-Focused Workspace Provisioning with Mylyn

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Standard [35 minutes]

Development processes are evolving from central source code repositories to a more heterogeneous set of tooling. Hence the developer is faced with the challenge to consider not only task-related files, but also the context of the tooling. With this in mind, we want to soften Mylyn's focus on files and allow it to capture the context for developer tooling.

We added new API as part of Mylyn 3.9, which allows to store arbitrary data in Mylyn's context. Using this API, we are going to track task-related source code repositories, code review systems and run configurations while developers work on tasks.

Doing this, we'll allow developers activating a task to restore the required tooling configuration if necessary. That is, to automatically clone required source code for a task from Git, configure connections to code review or continuous integration systems and in the end: start coding right away.

We'll showcase a Mylyn plugin implementing these idea of a task-focused workspace provisioning tool. Learn how it can help teams to more efficiently share development artifacts and ultimately how we think this approach might help to win more contributors for open-source projects by lowering entry thresholds.

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