Offline Debugging of Live Remote System for EclipseCon 2013

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Standard [35 minutes]

Being able to solve problems in live systems without causing downtime or performance degradation is critical in a world of continuous delivery mode (such as DevOps and SaaS environments). This is a capability which is currently missing. However, debugging of a live remote system is a challenging problem; in many cases, to debug the system the developer needs to run processes on the debugged system (and not a test offline system) in order to see the actual problem. This in turn causes the debugging process takes resources from the live system, creating performance or even availability issues in production. We developed a novel method for offline debugging of live systems that is lightweight, has no effect on the live system and at the same time accurately represents the live system state. Our method enables remote debugging by multiple developers simultaneously without affecting the live system’s performance. The method was implemented and proven on an HP product, SiteScope, which is a high throughput agentless monitoring product designed for tracking the availability and performance of large scale distributed IT infrastructure systems and applications.

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Web Development
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Hi, This is not a specific


This is not a specific solution for Web development. The suggested solution is a concept that can be taken for other technologies debugging.
We were able to implement a JS (running on the server) offline debugging but also thinking on more generic solution.

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Nadav Margalit
HP Software - SiteScope Infra Team Manager

Web only, or what about Java or C/C++ ?

The talk sounds interesting.

Is the method specific to web applications and servers, or would the concept apply to remote Java debugging or even remote C/C++ debugging too ?

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