How Agile is the team? - Measuing Agile Maturity using effective but simplified team self assessment technique

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Tutorial [3 hours]

The proposed topic would help organizations who have adopted agile methodology for delivering time sensitive business critical applications. The paper would demonstrate a very simiplified team self assessment framework to decide "How Agile is the team?".

There are self assessment tools or questionnaires in the market, they are expensive and require customization to meet the organization specific requirements. The technique proposed is very simple, currently using excel to capture the survey results from Scrum Master, Analysts, Developer and Testers in the Agile standing team.

The scorecard generated by quarter identifies trends within and across teams, in addition it quickly identifies specific areas of improvement such has business and technical skills, practice capability such as iteration management, requirements analysis, Development, and Testing.

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Is this a tutorial

I noticed this is listed at a 3 hr tutorial but the abstract seems more like a 35 minute session. Can you please confirm if this is a tutorial?

Re-assign to ALM Connect

I think this talk is better suited for ALM Connect so I am re-assigning it to that track. If you disagree, please feel free to change it back.

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