Autocomplete for Graphical Editors

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Standard [35 minutes]

If you missed autocomplete in graphical editors (e.g. Class Diagram Editor), this is for you ...

Content assist and code recommendations are common in programming and ctrl+space usually results in nice drop-down lists. How would this look like in your graphical editor? You will know by the end of this talk. Moreover, you will have everything to enable (e.g.) your class diagram editor to insert design patterns, domain patterns or templates. (see demo)
This talk will cover the foundations of recommender systems and the details of the underlying recommender framework (EPL). Moreover, recommender strategies and contexts will be explained in greater detail. They adapt the framework to its environment by few lines of code. This means recommender strategies can create recommendations based on files in a file system, web services or databases. Likewise, the framework adapts to your editor through one or multiple contexts.
All in all, the recommender framework comes with cockpit support which jump starts the framework and supports several environments. A tailoring "Hello World of Recommendations!" is created in next to no time.
In a nutshell, attendees will get (to know):
* recommender framework (EPL)
* recommender strategies and how to build them
* contexts and how to get the most out of them
* best practices how, where, and when to use gui autocomplete

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:-) will revise the

:-) will revise the description asap

changed to session type 'standard'

Thanks, I've updated the session type accordingly.

Some history ;-)

The framework is neither a product, closed source, nor it has a name so far. It's under EPL and was developed as part of a research project, but proved handy. The starting point was actually: and the framework does basically the "management". UI or data you want to use are up to the developer implementing the strategies.
Anyways, if you think, this is better covered in a talk - so be it :-) thanks for you comments.

A standard talk?

This sounds too specific to attract people for a three-hour tutorial. I suggest you change the submission to be a standard talk.
Also it's not clear to me what "your recommender framework" is. Sounds like a product. Is it open-source? Does it have a name and a website?

Demo Clip

The result will look something like this:

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