Automating tests with Jubula

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Come to this tutorial to learn how to write cool, intelligent and exciting Jubula tests!

Automated testing through the GUI offers us the chance to perform acceptance tests for new features and to run regression tests for our previous work. That way, we gather constant feedback about quality to ensure that our customers are continually happy and satisfied. All in all, it’s an important aspect of quality assurance, which is why it is worth doing it properly.

Jubula's main principles are:

  • Allow the whole team to automate tests (not just those who are expert programmers)
  • Write readable tests using an intuitive drag and drop approach that means that tests can be written before the software is available or in parallel to development.
  • Stick to the best practices we know from software development to make sure that the tests are easy to maintain.

Participants will learn how to write automated tests with Jubula, starting with basic tests before moving onto more complex actions and modules. By the end of the tutorial, everyone will have a sound understanding of the workflows and concepts involved. As well as simple test creation, we’ll also look at making tests maintainable (because change happens), well-structured, and well-adapted to anything that might go wrong.

This tutorial is aimed at testers, developers and test managers who are interested in functionally testing their applications.

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