SAP JVM Debugger: Making remote debugging painless

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Standard [35 minutes]

Have you ever tried to debug Java applications over a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection?

Do you feel the desire for debugging Java applications running in a Cloud environment?

If you are interested into these questions, then you are in the right place!

The Java standard defines a communication protocol between a debugger and a Java VM. That's the Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP). The protocol works fine when there is a fast connection between the debugger and Java VM. But when the connection has a moderate or high latency (>= 100 milliseconds), then the user experience you get is really awful -- if debugging is possible at all. What you get is an hourglass in debuggers. Single-stepping becomes impossible.

In this talk we will present you a novel debugging architecture which works over connections with high latencies (e.g. WAN connections). A live demo will show you how the interaction beween an Eclipse-based debugging frontend and a Java VM looks like when having a slow connection.

Furthermore, the integration into a Cloud-based environment will be discussed. You will see how to debug a Java application deployed into SAP's own cloud offering: SAP NetWeaver Cloud.

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Hi, the debugger will be


the debugger will be available for the SAP NetWeaver Cloud offering at first.

Please have a look at for details.

You will get free access to the SAP JVM Debugger (through SAP NetWeaver Cloud offering) start of next year.

Additionally, we are considering to provide
- a freely available version of the SAP JVM debugger and the SAP JVM
- an open-source version of the SAP JVM debugger

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Debugger Availability?

Is the novel debugger available for public consumption or just to SAP customers or developers?

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