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The Perfect Marriage: Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration
Kristin Brennan
Track: ALM Connect

Continous integration and continuous testing are a perfect match. Development teams can apply a continous process for quality through development testing. Development testing enables developers to...

Are We There Yet? How Do You Know When You're Done With Unit Testing
Kristin Brennan
Track: ALM Connect

Are We There Yet? How Do You Know When You're Done With Unit Testing

Unit testing is valuable in principal but inefficient in practice. Too often organizations have no idea when they've...

Focus and Flow: How Developers are Changing the Face of ALM
Dave West , Mik Kersten [Tasktop Technologies]
Track: ALM Connect

Software is everywhere, running everything. No matter what industry, a business’s ability to innovate is increasingly tied with its aptitude to build and release differentiating software....

Best Practices for Cloud-Enabled Software Testing
Brett Goodwin
Track: ALM Connect

Agile software development is winning the hearts and minds of developers and testers in leading enterprise organizations. In the “State of Agile Development” 2011 study, VersionOne highlights that...

Supercharging Application Development in the Cloud
Brett Goodwin
Track: ALM Connect

Building high quality software on time and on budget is a complex and often frustrating process. Developers are constantly under pressure to operate more efficiently, cut costs and deliver on...

Security in Jenkins
Jesse Glick [CloudBees]
Track: ALM Connect

Anyone setting up continuous integration using the popular Jenkins (or Hudson) server for more than a handful of people will soon need to consider security. How can you be identified to the server...

A Day in the Life of a Developer
Rob Retchless [IBM Canada]
Track: ALM Connect

Developing a web site demands agility. At every step of the development process, from planning and prototyping to staging and deployment, the web site must continue to service requests without...

Agile Development Plus Continuous Delivery is IT Orchestration
Evelyn Tam
Track: ALM Connect

Agile Development has evolved into a lifecycle impacting not only the IT department, but the overall business. Forward thinking enterprises recognize the benefits delivered by the implementation...

Deploying modular applications with Apache ACE
Marcel Offermans [Luminis Technologies]
Track: ALM Connect

A modular runtime brings a lot of benefits for deploying apps in the cloud: zero-downtime deployments (without the need of a cluster), small deployments, versioning, and so on. We use Java to...

Tools, Tools, Tools, oh my. Let’s get this developer (party) started!
Ian Bull [EclipseSource]
Track: ALM Connect

ALM stacks are becoming increasingly complicated to setup and maintain. Equally complicated are the seemingly endless collections of developer tools that work with these stacks. From issue...

Integrating Software and Systems Design with ALM
Don Yantzi [IBM Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

A collaborative approach to software and systems design, one integrated with ALM, is needed to adapt to shorter and more iterative development lifecycles and to break down barriers between design...

Code Reviews Don’t Have to Suck
Mark Hammer [SmartBear Software]
Track: ALM Connect

Everyone knows that peer code review is a great idea. It can be an effective technique for developing high-quality software, while also providing opportunities for knowledge transfer and team...

Apples and Oranges - All agile delivery tools are not the same
Bernie Coyne [IBM Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

Effectively automating your agile practices is key to the success of your adoption in the long run. This session will explore capabilities you should consider when evaluating agile tools and...

The Way We Work: Rational Quality Manager
John Nason [IBM - Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

Come learn about an active agile transformation at a large enterprise software development company. We'll cover how we develop software from requirements through test and maintenance, with a large...

Integrating Quality Into Your Build Pipeline Using Rational Quality Manager and Open Source Tooling
John Nason [IBM - Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

Building quality into your product is a necessity in an agile world. In this session we'll discuss how you can integrate two aspects of quality - unit testing and functional testing - into your...

How Rational CLM is embracing a Continuous Deployment Pipeline
Maneesh Mehra , Scott Rich [IBM Rational Software]
Track: ALM Connect

Development of IBM Rational’s Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) offering is a rocky road, fraught with numerous technical challenges accompanied by limited human, machine, time resources....

DevOps and Fail-Safe Application Deployments
Dave Gifford [Electric Cloud]
Track: ALM Connect

A single application release leads to several deployments across Development, QA, Staging and Production. In the last mile, production deployments often lag in clearing the final key hurdles...

Drinking Our Own Champagne: A View into How Tasktop Manages its Own Integration Ecosystem
Nicole Bryan
Track: ALM Connect

Ever wonder how Tasktop is able to manage and maintain over 70 ALM connectors from over 20 different vendors? As with most software companies, our “software supply chain” is complex ranging from...

Implementing OSLC for Atlassian JIRA and HP Quality Center
William Jones , Steve Pitschke [Rational Software, IBM]
Track: ALM Connect

What exactly are OSLC integrations and how do they work? Have you ever considered building one but don't know where to start? Come and see demonstrations of the Atlassian JIRA and HP Quality...

Agile user experience design - tracking progress sprint by sprint
Lucinio Santos [IBM]
Track: ALM Connect

User Experience is becoming increasingly important for a software delivery. How do we know its status at a particular point in time (e.g., iterations, sprints) in a software project, and how do...

Advanced problems in ALM
Baruch Sadogursky [JFrog], Yoav Landman [JFrog]
Track: ALM Connect

Get a taste of practical solutions to complex real life ALM issues.
This session will cover some continuous integration and deployment use cases

Agile Development using Visual Requirement Definition and Management Methods
Jared Pulham
Track: ALM Connect

The advantages of applying lean and agile techniques to software design and development activities of are now well established and understood in IT focused organisations.

Often many IT...

Anton Arhipov [ZeroTurnaround]
Track: ALM Connect

When you send a package through FedEx it goes through a tracked, automated process that makes sure that the package arrives promptly at the destination. The same should apply to every commit that...

A tools integration framework for Agile & Lean in a large scale enterprise
Mats Berglund [Ericsson], Nils Kronqvist [FindOut Technologies AB]
Track: ALM Connect

The Agile & Lean transformation plus the Open Source movement has caused an explosion of ALM tools in the industry. Large enterprises, such as Ericsson, are exposed to this disruption and have...

How To Outfox Testers and Avoid Embarrassment at Standup Meetings
Zeb Ford-Reitz [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

Let's face it: One of the more embarrassing things that can happen to you as a developer is finding out at the standup meeting that you've broken the previous night's tests. Everybody pointing and...

Managing Modular Software for your NuGet, C++ and Java Development
Yoav Landman [JFrog]
Track: ALM Connect

Binary repository is one of the cornerstones of building modular software. In this session we will demonstrate how it can be used to support modular development in Java, C++ and the .NET platform...

Mylyn Task Connectors, a new challenger has appeared!
Stephane Begaudeau [Obeo], Manuel Vacelet [Enalean]
Track: ALM Connect

After Bugzilla and Trac, have a look at the brand new Mylyn Task connector that will be contributed to the Eclipse Foundation! This connector will support Tuleap...

Task-Focused Workspace Provisioning with Mylyn
Sebastian Schmidt [Technical University of Munich], Nitesh Narayan [Technical University of Munich]
Track: ALM Connect

Development processes are evolving from central source code repositories to a more heterogeneous set of tooling. Hence the developer is faced with the challenge to consider not only task-related...

Create your own coding rules in Sonar
Olivier Gaudin [SonarSource]
Track: ALM Connect

Sonar, open source platform to manage quality, has become very popular. It enables to get rapid feedback on code quality when writing applications by showing issues directly in Eclipse. But did...

Improve agile team productivity with in-context collaboration
Fariz Saracevic [IBM]
Track: ALM Connect

Development teams are using various applications every day and not even realizing what kind of gems they have hidden. Come to learn essentials every application needs for agile teams to...

Discovering right Cloud solution for my agile team
Fariz Saracevic [IBM]
Track: ALM Connect

Developing software is a challenge in every changing environment. Agile teams need to start development hours and sometimes minutes after starting new project. In the same time, agile teams are...

Agile: The Secret Sauce of Innovation
Laszlo Szalvay [CollabNet, Inc. ]
Track: ALM Connect

By distilling the experience of dramatically successful innovators, Laszlo Szalvay has
identified five steps that every organization should adopt and make part of their
DNA. Combining...

Better Navigate in the ALM/Software "Storm": Enterprise Architecture in an Agile Way
Hugo Bruneliere [Inria / Mines Nantes], Stephane Drapeau [Obeo]
Track: ALM Connect

With the world of ALM and more generally of software changing so fast in terms of technologies, tools, platforms but also new practices and approaches, daily practitioners really...

Testing of Eclipse RCP based products
Manuel Bork [Yatta Solutions GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

Stability is a key requirement for an established product. Of course, software is never bug free, but bugs being fixed must stay so in later releases. As manual testing is error prone and quite...

How Agile is the team? - Measuing Agile Maturity using effective but simplified team self assessment technique
Pranay K Chanda [Deloitte Consulting LLP]
Track: ALM Connect

The proposed topic would help organizations who have adopted agile methodology for delivering time sensitive business critical applications. The paper would demonstrate a very simiplified team...

Is the integration testing challenge compromising your definition of "done, done, done"?
Monica Luke [IBM ]
Track: ALM Connect

As an agile developer, you've completed everything defined as "done, done, done." You move onto your next sprint. and while you're deep into this new code, you start receiving defects about the...

Pragmatic Architecture for Agile Application Lifecycle Management
Jean-Louis Marechaux [IBM Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

Application lifecycle management (ALM) breaks down organizational silos and promotes collaboration and role-focused views of the application lifecycle. Now that agile development methods are...

Binary Artifact Exchange for Tycho Projects Made Easy
Tobias Oberlies [SAP AG], Jan Sievers [SAP AG]
Track: ALM Connect

In Maven, referencing binary artifacts of other projects has always been easy: A Maven repository hosted by a Maven repository manager (like Nexus OSS) acts as central hub for exchanging both...

Simpler tool integrations with OSLC and Eclipse Lyo
Michael Fiedler [IBM Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) challenges the conventional thinking of API-based product integrations. OSLC provides a way to integrate applications just like the web integrates...

Decoupling the ALM Tool Stack: A Progression Towards Simple Integrations
Randy DeFauw [Perforce Software]
Track: ALM Connect

The trend in modern ALM stacks is moving away from tightly knit integrated stacks towards looser combinations of tools. If you look at the progression of ALM stacks over the past 15 years, you'll...

Hudson: keeping the bits flowing from Git to download
Denis Roy [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]
Track: ALM Connect has a large collection of Git repositories and an even larger collection of downloads. The highway linking them is Hudson, the project and CI environment used by most of...

Configuring a Tycho Build in 30 minutes
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich], Eugen Neufeld [EclipseSource Munich GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

Tycho is a powerful build technology based on Apache Maven. With power comes complexity? It depends, configuring a build for a simple RCP application is pretty straight-forward. In this...

Automating tests with Jubula
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

Come to this tutorial to learn how to write cool, intelligent and exciting Jubula tests!

Automated testing through the GUI offers us the chance to perform acceptance tests for new features...

What agile teams can learn from World of Warcraft: parallels, differences and lessons
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

What does an online roleplaying game have to do with working on an agile team? As it turns out, a great deal. Running around a fantasy world killing monsters with a group of like-minded gamers has...

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