Accepted Sessions

Continuous APM: from IDE to Production (Presented by Compuware)
Daniel Kaar [Compuware]
Track: ALM Connect

Continuous APM from IDE to Production

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (Presented by Oracle)
Greg Stachnick [Oracle]
Track: ALM Connect

Oracle Developer Cloud Service is a new platform as a service (PaaS) environment recently added to Oracle's cloud based solutions. Oracle Developer Cloud Service is a turnkey, automatically...

Scrum: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Dan Mezick [New Technology Solutions Inc.]
Track: ALM Connect

Scrum, Scrum, Scrum. Almost everyone doing agile says they are doing Scrum. But are they actually? Scrum is designed as a game. The Scrum Guide subtext says, and I Quote" "The Rules of the Game."...

PLM and ALM – strange but necessary bedfellows
Matt Klassen
Track: ALM Connect

Systems software is growing at an incredible pace as products in all walks of life are becoming smart devices. Software was once thought of as a simple part in a products Bill of Materials (BoM...

ALM, Agile ALM, DevOps, Continuous Delivery - strangers, cousins, twins from different mothers? (Presented by IBM)
Carolyn Pampino
Track: ALM Connect

It seems that the faster our markets move, the faster we invent buzz words. The more complex the market becomes, the more complex our buzzwords. Let's play buzzword bingo while discussing ALM,...

What ALM knowledge you should expect from CS graduates
Gary Pollice [Worcester Polytechnic Institute]
Track: ALM Connect

One of the biggest problems facing a growing organization today is finding the right people to hire for their software development teams. As the demand continues to grow, companies are spending...

Moving towards ALM 3.0 (Commonwealth Complex)
Jeffrey Hammond [Forrester Research]
Track: ALM Connect

How do we build software? Let us count the ways...

We're at the cusp of a perfect storm in application development, where a number of mega-trends are changing the way companies do software...

import* (Presented by ZeroTurnaround)
Anton Arhipov [ZeroTurnaround]
Track: ALM Connect

When you send a package through FedEx it goes through a tracked, automated process that makes sure that the package arrives promptly at the destination. The same should apply to every commit that...

Need for Speed – Win the SDLC race and stay alive, come learn about agile++
Track: ALM Connect

In today’s reality we cannot afford any fat or unnecessary delays in our time to market neither afford any compromise on quality. Agile is no longer luxury but a necessity. However, agile has to...

You're Not Failing Fast Enough! - best practices for an agile build system
Sarah Goff-Dupont [Atlassian]
Track: ALM Connect

Too many developers have to wait 4, 6, even 24 hours to learn whether their latest change plays nicely with the rest of the code base. And untangling bugs introduced by other changes made in the...

Making Agile ALM Work in Regulated Industries
Laszlo Szalvay [CollabNet, Inc. ]
Track: ALM Connect

Agile practices may seem at odds with GRC (governance, risk and compliance). Skeptics understandably are worried about the prospect of multiple small teams working autonomously, and a resulting...

Building Mylyn 4.0
Mik Kersten [Tasktop Technologies]
Track: ALM Connect

By placing developers at the center of the ALM equation, Mylyn has reshaped both the IDE and the Agile tools we use today. With over 80 publicly available Mylyn extensions exist available, the...

Advanced Git: Things you need to know about Git but were afraid to ask
Tim Berglund [GitHub], Kevin Sawicki
Track: ALM Connect

You may know the basics of Git, but too many of us learn Git by example, never getting past the few magical incantations we need to commit code and push and pull from GitHub. This works most of...

Introduction to Continuous Delivery
Graham Brooks [ThoughtWorks]
Track: ALM Connect

Continuous Delivery for many, has become the new norm for building and releasing software. For others the benefits of rapid return on investment and more reliable releases is still a dream.

Large-Scale Adoption of Hudson
Jim Clark
Track: ALM Connect

This talk explores three different conceptual frameworks for imagining the rollout of Continuous Integration across a large organization. The first dimension looks at the Hudson platform and...

Designing software with users and testers in mind
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

For all our our ingeniousness in writing amazing software with complex architecture, we often tend to leave much room for improvement when it comes to putting ourselves in the position of our...

Panel: Agile and ALM – What does Agile mean to ALM ?
Dave West , Laszlo Szalvay [CollabNet, Inc. ], Tom Grant , Ken Schwaber
Track: ALM Connect

For many in the Agile community software delivery tools are considered to be anti-Agile. Tools are thought of as getting in the way of successful software projects and reduce Agility. But tools...

The future of ALM Panel
Dave West , Tom Grant , brad hipps [HP], Melinda Ballou , Sam Guckenheimer [Microsoft], Mike O'Rourke
Track: ALM Connect

ALM Connect focuses on sharing ALM best practices with the ALM community. But where is ALM going? What is the future of ALM? In this panel, moderated by Dave West, CPO Tasktop and former Forrester...

From Custom Maven Builds to Tycho
Jonathan Wright [Cerner]
Track: ALM Connect

For many years Eclipse and Maven integration has been something existing at the periphery; technically working but not providing the type of support really need to do Eclipse PDE builds using an...

Real World: Tycho
David Carver
Track: ALM Connect

There are some differences when you use Tycho as part of a Corporate product. Not everything resides nicely into the Maven or Eclipse world. You have to deal with remote developers,...

This ALM is a confluence of parallels !
Jyothi G.Shivashankar [Robert Bosch], Ryan Brooks [The Boeing Company]
Track: ALM Connect

This ALM is a confluence of two high-end engineering industries – the Automotive and the Aerospace industries !
This ALM is a confluence of two successful collaborative...

Fuzzy Testing
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich], Edgar Mueller [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: ALM Connect

Many of the test cases for an application involve data defined by the data model. To achieve good test coverage it is customary to run the test cases for a variety of different input data sets....

Building a VM based Custom Application in an Agile CI Environment in a Timely Manner
James Watt
Track: ALM Connect

When virtualization and agility intersect, there are 2 competing concerns. Agility best practices include continuous integration with a rapid build feedback loop. With virtualization - self...

Hudson as an effective Agile ALM Tool
Winston Prakash [Oracle Corporation]
Track: ALM Connect

Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Continuous Delivery or Deployment are the primary supporting pillars of a successful Agile Development Team. In a Test Driven Development build...

It's all about feedback - code review as a great tool in the agile toolbox
Stefan Lay [SAP AG], Matthias Sohn [SAP AG]
Track: ALM Connect

Agile software engineering practices like Pair Programming, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration have one thing in common: They help the team to get feedback as fast as possible. In...

Leveraging W3C Linked Data, OSLC, and Open Source for Loosely Coupled Application Integrations
Steve Speicher [IBM Rational], Michael Fiedler [IBM Rational]
Track: ALM Connect

Tim Berners-Lee, credited as the inventor of the internet, defined a concept of linked data (HTTP + RDF) that defines how applications can use Web standards to build scalable applications that...

Beyond Gerrit: Performing Rich Reviews with Eclipse Mylyn
Miles Parker [Tasktop Technologies, Inc.], Sebastien Dubois [Ericsson]
Track: ALM Connect

Peer Code Reviews methodologies in general, and Gerrit in particular, have led a profound shift in the way we develop software. With the rapid acceptance of code reviews as an integral part of...

Adopting Agile Methods and Open Source Tools in a Large Enterprise
Manuel Vacelet [Enalean], Domenic Alessi [Ericsson]
Track: ALM Connect

Tuleap Open ALM is the first Enterprise Grade Open Source ALM.
Born on the basis of venerable, it provides all ALM features (defect tracking, source control, documentation,...

Continuous Happiness
Chris Kelly [New Relic]
Track: ALM Connect

Does your engineering culture promote happiness, for your teams and for your customers? Or is it cluttered with procedure and toolchains that inhibit and constrain creativity, innovation and play...

Looking in from the outside - Scenario-guided design, ALM and OSLC
Carolyn Pampino
Track: ALM Connect

In 2008, the Jazz team set out on a journey to provide a world class ALM solution that allowed for loosely coupled integrations and an experience of 'surfing the ALM web of related artifacts.' In...

No Stone Unturned - The journey of getting from one release a year to Continuous Delivery
Kai-Uwe Maetzel [IBM]
Track: ALM Connect

If you reliably ship a major product release once a year, you don't wake up one morning, flip a switch and you are successfully in Continuous Delivery mode. In order to get there you fundamentally...

Continuous Inspection with Sonar
Olivier Gaudin [SonarSource]
Track: ALM Connect

With Agile Methodology, source code is very much in the center of focus as being an element that must mute constantly over time to be able to keep embracing changes. This key capability to...

A tale about a Big SVN to Git Migration
Max Rydahl Andersen [Red Hat]
Track: ALM Connect

In November 2012 I helped the giant JBoss Tools repo containing 400+ eclipse plugins, 2+ millions line of code with 7+ year of history migrate from SVN into a multitude of Git repositories.

Visual Requirements Management and Decomposition with Kanban
Mahesh Singh [Digite, Inc.]
Track: ALM Connect

Agile teams do a great job working on User Stories in each Iteration or Release and delivering them all - well mostly! - using the typical Scrum Story Board or even a Kanban Board. However, there...

Binary Repository for Non-Developers
Yoav Landman [JFrog]
Track: ALM Connect

With the dawn of agile and what seems to be the beginning of a renaissance for good ALM, many important concepts have risen; the Binary Repository is one of them and is already considered an...

Stop throwing your doc away: Agile Documentation with Mylyn Intent
Alex Lagarde [Obeo]
Track: ALM Connect

Documentation sucks because most of the time it's outdated: it never reflects the recent changes you made on your software, and sooner or later no one will trust (and hence read)...

Documentation Driven Testing
Goulwen Le Fur [Obeo], Alex Lagarde [Obeo]
Track: ALM Connect

Although a lot of tools have been created to improve your code quality (checkstyle, code coverage, sonar metrics...), being able to ensure that your software has a good functional quality (i.e....

Continuous testing with Jubula – where the rubber meets the road!
Markus Tiede [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: ALM Connect

You've got software. You've got a list of features to implement. You've got some automated tests. You've got upcoming releases. The only glue that is going to make this scenario work is Continuous...

Can't Live with It, Can't Live without It: Test Strategies for Agile Teams
brad hipps [HP]
Track: ALM Connect

A hard truth: without continuous testing, Agile delivery isn’t possible. Yet ask any QA Director whose team has recently engaged in Agile projects how test automation is being leveraged, and you’...

High Quality Agile - Incorporating Quality into Your Agile Process and Organization Means Working Faster and Smarter
Lorinda Brandon [SmartBear Software]
Track: ALM Connect

Your executive management is pressuring you to adopt Agile. You've heard that Agile does get your software built faster with fewer resources, but you've also heard that there is no way to maintain...

DevOps Without Dev Is Dead On Arrival
Ashish Kuthiala [Electric Cloud]
Track: ALM Connect

Software applications are often the engine of business today, and to gain a competitive advantage, they need to quickly innovate and respond to change without compromising quality. To meet these...

Lifecycle Integration – The secret sauce of ALM success
Dave West
Track: ALM Connect

For many businesses software enables innovation, increased customer intimacy, and better decision making. This means that software delivery is transitioning from a support process to a key...

From 1 RPM to 10,000 RPM -- ALM in the As-a-Service Age
Steve Harris [CloudBees]
Track: ALM Connect

Companies thinking in terms of 9-18 month delivery cycles are bringing a knife to the as-a-service era gunfight. The as-a-service world requires a new generation of tools and a new way of working...

Requirements On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
Tom Grant
Track: ALM Connect

Agile puts enormous strains on the people responsible for software requirements:

  • How do they get just enough requirements in time for the next sprint?
  • How do you pack enough...
Deployment-oriented development with Puppet
Deepak Giridharagopal [Puppet Labs]
Track: ALM Connect

There is the code that you've written, and then there are the systems
upon which that code executes. Developers take it for granted that
they can modify their code, refactor it, split...

Continuous Deployment and Testing for Mobile Apps - The Cloud Revolution You've Never Heard Of
Mark Prichard [CloudBees]
Track: ALM Connect

The emergence of PaaS (Platform as a Service) - where application development and runtime services are available on-demand in the cloud - is delivering an unexpected benefit for development...

Continuous Integration at Google Scale
John Micco ( [Google, Inc]
Track: ALM Connect

Continuous integration systems play a crucial role in modern software development practices, keeping software working while it is being developed. The basic steps most continuous integration...

Disciplined Agile Delivery: The Foundation for Scaling Agile
Mark Lines [Scott Ambler + Associates]
Track: ALM Connect

As they’ve adopted agile strategies, many organizations have tailored a combination of team-level Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) practices. However, large enterprise organizations have learned...

Deploying Gerrit Code Review
Shawn Pearce [Google], Magnus Bäck [Google], Stefan Lay [SAP AG], Matthias Sohn [SAP AG]
Track: ALM Connect

For years Gerrit Code Review has been the driving force behind the development of the Android operating system, and is widely adopted by Git users everywhere. Install, configure and use a Gerrit...

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