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Balázs Zsoldos
Everit Kft.
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Software architect
OSGi, Test Driven Development, JSF, JPA, Modern technologies

I started java coding in 2006, when I had to take over the lead developer’s job, for he left the project we worked on. Every night, I studied the technologies of Java and finally I fell in love with the language. In 2008, I set up the company Everit with a friend, where my purpose is to use only open-source technologies and to give back to the communities as much as I can. Later, I created the website, where most of our open-source micro projects are listed.

After a couple of years, I realized that most of our projects suffer from deployment time issues. If a developer has to wait two minutes to be able to start testing after deployment, then he will open a browser and surf for ten minutes, therefore, I started to look for a framework capable of producing the fastest possible deployment time.

After seeking for a solution for quite a while, I found OSGi and started to work with it. I realized that many of the modern technologies are not ready for modularization, so I started to migrate or rewrite them. These technologies include the OSGi hibernate adapter and JDBC driver extensions too.

I tried all available OSGi development tools in 2011, but my greediness regarding fast deployment time could not be fulfilled. I found a nice article about Test Driven Development in the book Clean Coder and I got really interested in the topic immediately. In the last two years, my aim was to create a set of tools that make TDD possible in a way that after changing the source code, the procedure of deployment takes only a moment.

I also started many micro projects to improve the technologies even further. Most of them are available at Developing a strongly OSGi based UI technology and persistence layer (like JPA) is also amongst my plans.


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