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Project Manager / Coach Lean-Agile
Eclipse, RCP, Modeling, e4, Agile, Scrum, Lean

Project manager at SILICOM, I am always in search of some tools to improvement ourselves.

Since 2001, we are proposing integrate some Open Source Framework (Juzzle, Eclipse) in order to produce quickly some IT solution with the best quality of service for my clients into theirs skill domain like measurement (antenna, signal), electromagnetic compatibility, simulation of systems and test benchs.

To carry all IT solution, I am managing each project like an Agile project chosing the most adapted management process (Scrum, Lean development, Kanban, eXtrem Programing). As a member of the Agile Toulouse association (, I am actively participating in the adoption of Agile tools to help our clients to obtain the best IT solutions.


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