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Full Name
Fabien Vignal
Job title
Software Engineer
EMF, Modeling, Eclipse Platform, RCP Eclipse

Interested by technology from an early age, Fabien started his computing career by teaching himself how to create websites and write php scripts. Passionate about this domain, the perpetual evolution of technology and the creative possibilities that it entails, he decided to study IT and obtained his programming degree in 2011.
During his final year internship at Sysord he took part in the « Agriprev » project, developing a tool for the implementation of agricultural production forecast models with Eclipse RCP. This project allowed him to uncover the « hidden side » of Eclipse, code generation, Xtext and EMF.
He joined the Sysord team in 2011 and since then has designed a variety of plugins and extensions for different types of applications.
Since 2012 he has been working on the MAD and on the ‘Verbose’ project. Verbose is a configurable platform combining the most powerful Eclipse generation tools for the elaboration of generators specifically designed for a particular field by favouring the reuse of templates.


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1 year 8 weeks