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Philippe Palau
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Software Engineer
Software development, EMF, MDA, Software industrialization, Code generation, DSL, Modeling, Architecture

Originally a programming analyst in IT management on AS/400 systems in the early 1990s, Philippe moved towards object-oriented languages and micro-computer programming at the end of this same decade. After obtaining a Masters level DEA qualification in Information Technology and Industrial Automation in 2000, he then participated in a research project in Telemedicine with the LIMOS (Laboratoire Informatique Modélisation et Optimisation de Systèmes) Computing Laboratory. In the Clermont Ferrand based lab, he designed a protocol aimed at monitoring cardiac arrhythmia. In 2004, he developed a piece of software designed to manage and monitor the production process for a large food processing company. He rediscovered Java and was amazed by the extraordinary capabilities of Eclipse. After spending some time as a freelancer, he established ‘Sysord’ in 2006.
Passionate about developing specifications for applications as well as the industrialisation of their development, in 1996 he created a first code generator, used for the automated production of RPG programmes. He then went on to create a large number of tools to improve and optimise the development of the projects in which he was involved.
In 2010, fascinated by generation tools integrated into Eclipse and the interoperability that EMF allows, he adopted the framework for all modelling requirements of Sysord and became interested in the multitude of tools provided and supported by the Eclipse community.
Since 2012 he has been working on the MAD and on the ‘Verbose’ project. Verbose is a configurable platform combining the most powerful Eclipse generation tools for the elaboration of generators specifically designed for a particular field by favouring the reuse of templates.


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