What every Eclipse Developer should know about Hudson and CI

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Continuous Integration should be the cornerstone of your development project. But have you embraced it yet? Whether you are working on an Eclipse project, in an enterprise development team, behind a firewall or in the cloud or just interested in the buzz around CI then this tutorial is for you.

Using a mix of short overviews and hands-on exercises developers will gain first hand experience from Hudson experts on setting up Hudson for managed and non-managed Master-slave configuration and preparing Hudson for a cloud environment using Active slaves.

In the next part of the tutorial you will learn through exercises how to use Mylyn in a real world scenario and how to integrate into Eclipse's own Hudson for your Eclipse project development.

Finally, you will get practical experience of developing a plugin to extend Hudson for any non-standard requirements

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26 March 13:00 - 16:00
Lake Thoreau


Agile ALM
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