Hands on with the C/C++ IDE

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3 hours]

In this tutorial, attendees will be led through focused examples that illustrate how to effectively use the C/C++ IDE. A set of C/C++ projects will show users how to take advantage of the CDT to develop, build, debug, test, and profile their code within Eclipse.

Exercises include:

Discovering and fixing source code errors
Configuring the build
Working with breakpoints and data available while debugging
Finding memory usage problems
Tracking down performance bottlenecks
Performing refactorings
Integration with UnitTests
Finding bugs and errors with static analysis

Attendees will be provided with a VirtualBox image to complete the exercises so no time will be wasted with setup.

Material (exercises and solutions; there were no real slides): http://fedorapeople.org/~overholt/EclipseCon2012CDTTutorial.tar.bz2

Schedule info

Time slot: 
26 March 13:00 - 16:00
Lake Fairfax B


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