Eclipse right through (RT) the Clouds

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3 hours]

Tutorial VirtualBox image

Ever wondered what the runtime in the Eclipse RT projects is good for? For those of you who have managed to find that out – have you found any relation between EclipseRT and the recently hyped clouds?

We’ll show you how to use popular EclipseRT technologies (like Eclipse Virgo and Gemini) and integrate them with other popular open source technologies to achieve a cloud-like environment in your backyard/basement.

The session will start completely from scratch and build up a private cloud environment, using completely free and primarily open source technologies. We’ll demonstrate how to extend that yourself and what would be a good way to promote those changes back to the open source projects, ideally making your changes available also to other community members. This of course varies heavily from project to project and the corresponding committers there, but the basics are quite common.

In the palette of projects we’ll use you can find pieces like Opscode Chef, Nagios, Cloud Foundry, nginx, Ruby, Apache Tomcat, etc). You’re of course free to complement the solution we’ll build up with any enterprise-scale monitoring, virtualization, load balancing, log analysis or whatnot else.

At the same time we’ll focus most of the time on how to leverage EclipseRT functionality like Virgo, P2, Equinox, Console shell, RTP, while using the above in order to build up the complete picture. The process to transporting that complete setup to Amazon/Rackspace/Azure environment is rather straightforward and will be described, but for capacity/time reasons – will be left for homework.


  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • 4GB free disk space
  • 4GB RAM

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Time slot: 
26 March 09:00 - 12:00
Lake Thoreau


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