Creating tools to simplify your application development: The Chrome App example

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3 hours]

During this tutorial we will build Eclipse editors and code generators dedicated to the development of Chrome application. From an example application you'll learn how to build a tooling enabling the design and generation of other Chrome apps.

We will first start by using one of the most popular technology of the Eclipse Foundation, EMF, to define the necessary concepts for a Chrome application, then, in a second part, we will create a ready to go solution to be able to instantlymanipulate those concepts using the EEF project and finally during the third part of this tutorial, we will create Acceleo code generators to produce the Chrome application.

This tutorial will give people the opportunity to manipulate some code with exercises, so bring your laptop and you'll leave with a working Eclipse tooling to generate Chrome applications. The talk will cover the following topic:
- building a specific tooling to design Chrome applications
- generating your Chrome application
- going further with the customization of the Eclipse platform

People attending this tutorial will learn how to build tools for their domain on top of the Eclipse platform. Starting with the definition of the concepts of a domain, after that we will see how we can customize the Eclipse platform to build tools for the manipulation of those concepts and then attendees will learn how to build an efficient code generator to speed up their development.

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Time slot: 
26 March 13:00 - 16:00
Lake Anne B


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