Building Eclipse plugins and RCP applications with Tycho

Session Type: 
Tutorial [3 hours]

This tutorial provides an introduction to Tycho and first hand experience in how to use Tycho
to build Eclipse plugins and RCP applications.
Tycho provides Maven plugins and tools for building OSGi bundles and other Eclipse artifacts.

In this tutorial, developers will learn how Tycho provides seamless integration with Eclipse PDE tools and allows them to reuse project metadata created with Eclipse PDE
tools in automated headless builds.

After a short introduction and demo, we will do step-by-step hands-on exercises starting from a Hello-World RCP plug-in up to packaging an installable RCP application archive
with custom branding and for multiple platforms.

After this tutorial, you will be able to integrate Eclipse plugin and RCP application builds into an existing Maven-based build infrastructure,
and you will be able to build, release, and provision OSGi bundles and Eclipse artifacts using familiar Maven development strategies.

- Attendees are expected to be familiar with PDE tools and eclipse plugin / RCP development in general
- We will hand out USB sticks with exercises and required software

This tutorial is an updated and improved version of the one given at EclipseCon Europe 2011.

Slides are available on slideshare, tutorial sources are on github.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
26 March 13:00 - 16:00
Lake Audubon


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