Apache Felix Web Console - Web Based OSGi Framework Administration
Felix Meschberger [Adobe]
Track: OSGi DevCon

The Apache Felix Web Console has been created out of a need to remotely administer an OSGi Framework. This administration includes maintenance of bundles, editing Configuration, and introspecting...

Best Practices for (Enterprise) OSGi applications
Tim Ward [Paremus Ltd]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Since the first release of the OSGi Enterprise specification in March 2010 the use of OSGi in the enterprise has increased dramatically. Moving traditional Java EE applications to an OSGi stack is...

Dynamic RIAs with Equinox and Vaadin
Kai Toedter
Track: OSGi DevCon

When you want to use OSGi on the server-side, there are only a few options when it comes to dynamic and modular UIs. Besides RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), Vaadin is another UI toolkit that integrates...

Experiences from Building the Fastest OSGi Container on the Planet
Jaroslav Tulach
Track: OSGi DevCon

What is the fastest OSGi container? Felix or...

Liberate your components with OSGi services
Alasdair Nottingham
Track: OSGi DevCon

Converting any large application to be OSGi based is a difficult and complex process. Many projects find the fences that OSGi put in place puts insurmountable barriers in the way of success. Many...

Mastering OSGi with Ease
Neil Bartlett [Paremus Ltd], Gustavo Morozowski
Track: OSGi DevCon

This tutorial is a compressed version of the renowned Masterclass on OSGi. Its goal is to take you into areas of OSGi that are extremely useful, but seldom discovered through independent...

Micro Services in JavaScript
Simon Kaegi [IBM Canada]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Although modularity concepts from OSGi might not map cleanly to programming languages other than Java, the ideas around OSGi Micro Services might be universally applicable. In this talk we will...

Moving the Guidewire platform to OSGi
Paul D'Albora [Guidewire Software]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Guidewire Software builds advanced applications for the insurance industry. With over a hundred customers in a dozen countries, including global giants like AXA, Geico, and Tokyo Marine, our...

OSGi in the cloud - quo vadis?
Jan S. Rellermeyer [IBM Research]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Modularity as in OSGi solves a major issue with architecting elastic applications for the cloud. Cloud resources are inherently dynamic in their nature and undergo frequent changes either due to...

Smart Home Mashups: A New Application Opportunity
Walt Bowers [Hitachi CTA]
Track: OSGi DevCon

The number of smart devices in the home is exploding. These devices no longer just include TVs, Bluray players and game consoles. They now include door locks, thermostats, refrigerators, washer/...

What's new in the OSGi Enterprise Release 5.0
David Bosschaert [Red Hat], Tim Diekmann [TIBCO Software Inc.]
Track: OSGi DevCon

The Enterprise OSGi Release 5.0 will be generally available at EclipseCon/OSGiCon 2012. A number of significant enhancements have been made since the previous release, including:

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