Accepted Sessions without Slides

Number of sessions without slides: 75 sessions
Enterprise Build Systems; flexible automation from your desktop through CI
Tim Brown [ThoughtWorks]
Track: Agile ALM

This tutorial will walk participants through the creation of a flexible, enterprise-grade, build system that can not only checkout, compile, and unit test your code - but also dynamically create...

The Future of ALM: Developing in the Social Code Graph (Grand Ballroom DEFG)
Mik Kersten [Tasktop Technologies]
Track: Agile ALM

Video recording now available

The Web Platform Is the Past, Present, and Future (Grand Ballroom DEFG)
Alex Russell [Google]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

There have been very few generational platforms: C, C++, Java, the web. As helpful and productive as Java has been in enabling an entire generation of server-side applications, the web platform...

Mastering OSGi with Ease
Neil Bartlett [Paremus Ltd], Gustavo Morozowski
Track: OSGi DevCon

This tutorial is a compressed version of the renowned Masterclass on OSGi. Its goal is to take you into areas of OSGi that are extremely useful, but seldom discovered through independent...

What every Eclipse Developer should know about Hudson and CI
Susan Duncan [Oracle Corporation], Winston Prakash [Oracle Corporation]
Track: Agile ALM

Continuous Integration should be the cornerstone of your development project. But have you embraced it yet? Whether you are working on an Eclipse project, in an enterprise development team, behind...

Industry Panel: What Is Next for Agile ALM
Mik Kersten [Tasktop Technologies]
Track: Agile ALM

Join these industry analysts as they discuss the latest trends in the Agile ALM market. Learn what best practices and strategies are being used by leading organizations to improve their software...

DevOps: What it is, and what it means to you
Luke Kanies [Puppet Labs]
Track: Agile ALM

DevOps is growing in importance and visibility, but like most movements, it is not always well-defined. This talk will help provide some context of how DevOps is being interpreted in real...

Need for Speed – Win the SDLC race and stay alive, come learn about agile++
ravit danino
Track: Agile ALM

In today’s reality we cannot afford any fat or unnecessary delays in our time to market neither afford any compromise on quality. Agile is no longer luxury but a necessity. However, agile has to...

Extreme Mobile Testing with Selenium (and Robots)
Jason Huggins
Track: Agile ALM

Can your robot play Angry Birds? On an iPhone? Mine can. It's called "BitbeamBot". It started as an art project, but it has a much more serious practical application: mobile web testing. To trust...

Scrum and Kanban Duet
Damon Poole
Track: Agile ALM

By now you’ve probably heard of Kanban, the newest Agile methodology on the block. Much as Scrum and XP play well together, so do Scrum and Kanban. In fact, all three work well together.


10 Years of Agile from Open Source Eclipse to Open Commercial Jazz
Adrian Cho [IBM]
Track: Agile ALM

In 2001, a team in IBM created the Eclipse Project, laying the ground for the Eclipse community, the Eclipse Foundation and many more Eclipse projects that followed. Eclipse would quickly become...

High-Value, High-Impact Requirements At An Agile Pace
Tom Grant
Track: Agile ALM

Agile teams may want to minimize documentation but they still need requirements. This session will describe best practices for the following:

  • Building a requirements toolkit for an...
M2Eclipse: The collaboration of the Maven & Eclipse Platforms
Jason van Zyl
Track: Agile ALM

M2Eclipse provides a robust and mature solution for integrating Maven with the Eclipse IDE. M2Eclipse continues on the path to be the de-facto standard Eclipse integration for Maven users and...

Agile Waste: Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
AEgan [Ci&T]
Track: Agile ALM

Agile doesn’t create value. Shocked? Don’t be. It’s time for a little self-reflection.

OSGi in the cloud - quo vadis?
Jan S. Rellermeyer [IBM Research]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Modularity as in OSGi solves a major issue with architecting elastic applications for the cloud. Cloud resources are inherently dynamic in their nature and undergo frequent changes either due to...

Apache Felix Web Console - Web Based OSGi Framework Administration
Felix Meschberger [Adobe]
Track: OSGi DevCon

The Apache Felix Web Console has been created out of a need to remotely administer an OSGi Framework. This administration includes maintenance of bundles, editing Configuration, and introspecting...

What every Eclipse Developer should know about EMF
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich], Max Hohenegger [EclipseSource Munich], Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: Modeling

Many modeling talks asume you have already used the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF before). But what if you have not? What is all this modeling stuff about? What is EMF anyway? And who is this Ed...

Modeling Symposium
Edgar Mueller [EclipseSource Munich], Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich], Ed Merks [itemis], Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: Modeling

The modeling community is among the most active and diverse in Eclipse's ecosystem. The modeling symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work....

Eclipse right through (RT) the Clouds
Hristo Iliev [SAP], Lazar Kirchev [SAP AG]
Track: EclipseRT

Tutorial VirtualBox image

Ever wondered what the runtime in the Eclipse RT projects is good for? For those of you who...

Creating Rich Clients with Eclipse RCP 4.x
Kai Toedter
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

In this tutorial we will give an overview about the new features of the Eclipse 4.x Rich Client Platform. He will cover the following topics:

  • Eclipse 4.x: What's new?
  • "Hello...
Hands on with the C/C++ IDE
Andrew Overholt [Red Hat]
Track: Tools

In this tutorial, attendees will be led through focused examples that illustrate how to effectively use the C/C++ IDE. A set of C/C++ projects will show users how to take advantage of the CDT to...

Extending Orion
Simon Kaegi [IBM Canada], Szymon Brandys [IBM], John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

Orion is an open tool integration platform for writing browser-based development tools. In this tutorial you will learn how to extend the Orion platform by integrating other web pages and services...

Building Eclipse plugins and RCP applications with Tycho
Jan Sievers [SAP AG], Tobias Oberlies [SAP AG]
Track: Tools

This tutorial provides an introduction to Tycho and first hand experience in how to use Tycho
to build Eclipse plugins and RCP applications.
Tycho provides Maven plugins and tools for...

A gentle introduction to p2
Ian Bull [EclipseSource], Pascal Rapicault [Ericsson / Rapicorp]
Track: EclipseRT

Although introduced in Eclipse a number years ago, p2 has stayed quite mysterious for many. Departing from the previous talks about p2 APIs and its overall architecture, we will introduce p2 more...

It's Raining Bytes: Scaling p2 Using the Cloud
Ian Bull [EclipseSource]
Track: EclipseRT

Many Eclipse projects have a common theme: an extensible platform with exemplary tools. The Eclipse provisioning platform, p2, is no different. While the update mechanism in Eclipse is the most...

Gemini Web feat. Gemini Naming or Injecting OSGi Services the Java EE Way
Track: EclipseRT

You want to build dynamic and modular Web Applications and you’ve already chosen OSGi to achieve the modularity. Now you also want to take benefits of using the OSGi services, while still using...

A path to modularity with Eclipse Virgo
Katya Todorova [SAP AG], Borislav Kapukaranov
Track: EclipseRT

Imagine the perfect world. Every piece of it is bright, shiny and meaningful. Every piece is at its place - that is harmony, isn’t it?
Now look at the real world. There are some bright...

Don't Carry The Fat Man On Your Run: Profiling For Better Performance
Patrick Dempsey
Track: Mobile/Embedded

It has been quite a while since we got the fat man off our application. In fact some of us, myself included, forgot who he was. Our system was running fine for long periods of time. Over time...

Options for Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Eclipse
Peter Friese [Zuehlke Engineering]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Developing mobile applications is a challenging task, especially given the ever-growing number of mobile platforms, devices and form factors. Implementing an app for just one platform just isn't...

Xtext success story at Google
Alex Ruiz
Track: Domain Specific Language

Xtext 2.x, part of the Eclipse Indigo release, provides a solid framework for creating Domain-Specific Languages. With only a few clicks, Xtext is capable of generating language interpreters and...

Domain Specific Languages
Sven Efftinge [itemis]
Track: Domain Specific Language

In this talk you will learn what a domain specific language (DSL) is and what they are used for. You'll get an overview of different implementation techniques and their respective pros and cons....

Bringing the power of Eclipse to Digital Hardware designers
Hendrik Eeckhaut [Sigasi]
Track: Domain Specific Language

Digital hardware designers develop state-of-the-art chips that perform extremely complex tasks at high speeds. Sadly they rely on antiquated tools to create those very chip designs. The most...

Light-weight IDE extensibility for custom DSLs in Groovy
Andrew Eisenberg [VMware]
Track: Domain Specific Language

Domain specific languages (DSLs) are a great tool for solving certain kinds of problems. Many JVM languages, such as Groovy, make it easy to create DSLs. However, providing proper IDE support...

Open Standards and Open Source for the SmartGrid
Alan McMorran [Open Grid Systems Ltd.], Susan Rudd
Track: Modeling

The electrical power industry has seen a number of changes in its lifetime and in recent years the industry has seen dramatic changes as privatisation; energy markets; distributed and renewable...

A Fresh Look at Graphical Editing
Jan Koehnlein [itemis]
Track: Modeling

The Eclipse ecosystem offers a variety of frameworks that help you building a simple graphical editor. Nevertheless, implementing a complete graphical tool usually takes a lot more effort.

The Eclipse 4 Application Platform explained
Thomas Schindl
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

The Eclipse 4 Application Platform is the core runtime framework the next generation of the Eclipse SDK is built upon.

This talk will explain how the Eclipse 4 Application is ticking (the...

Eclipse SDK's Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

In honour of the Eclipse Project's recent 10th birthday, this talk will look back on ten years of Eclipse from the perspective of the code that makes up the Eclipse SDK. We will dive into some of...

Eclipse 4 Meets CDO: Now You See It, and So Do They!
Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme], Eric Moffatt [IBM Rational Canada], Thomas Schindl
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

E4 uses an EMF model to represent the application's UI state...

CDO provides a way to synchronize EMF models across multiple clients...

[ BING !! an 'idea' lightbulb } What happens...

Eclipse 4 API: The Path of Least Resistance
Eric Moffatt [IBM Rational Canada]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

Tired of writing code like this ?

Having trouble determining where to...

Harnessing Peer Code Reviews
Shawn Pearce [Google]
Track: Agile ALM

For the past 3 years Gerrit Code Review has been the driving force behind the development of the Android operating system, and is being widely adopted by Git users everywhere. Join the ranks of...

Frictionless operations with Puppet
Luke Kanies [Puppet Labs]
Track: Agile ALM

Puppet is a model-driven systems management tool that excels at automating away the menial operations work and allowing you to do your work without having to delve into operational detail at every...

"It is the Agile Transformation, Stupid!"
Israel Gat
Track: Agile ALM

We are witnessing the rapid convergence of three market trends:

  • Markets are becoming hyper-segmented;
  • Moreover, they are becoming fleetingly transient;
  • And, a...
Ceylon - the language and its tools
Max Rydahl Andersen [Red Hat]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

Ceylon is a new programming language for the JVM which was recently released on with Eclipse based...

e(fx)clipse - Eclipse Tooling and Runtime for JavaFX
Thomas Schindl
Track: Tools

e(fx)clipse is a projects which provides:

  • Eclipse Tooling to author JavaFX-Applications using the Eclipse IDE. The tooling leverages available Eclipse Projects like:
    • Xtext:...
Eclipse Xtend - A Language Made For Java Developers
Sven Efftinge [itemis]
Track: Tools

Are you waiting for closures in Java 8 or hoping for more type inference in Java 9? Thinking about switching to Scala or even holding your horses for Ceylon or Kotlin?
How about keeping Java...

Tycho - still good, bad or ugly ?
Max Rydahl Andersen [Red Hat]
Track: Tools

Tycho promises to merge the world of osgi/p2 with Maven apparently making it dead easy to build plugins.

The JBoss Tools and Developer Studio team moved to Tycho last year and with 350+...

KINECT once again with your Eclipse IDE
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich], Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

Do we need a reason to connect a cool device such as the KINECT from Microsoft with great technology such as Eclipse? We’ve just done it, and it has been a lot of fun. At EclipseCon Europe we...

JavaFX Past, Present and Future and Interop with SWT and Swing
Steve Northover
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

This talk will present a brief history of JavaFX followed by an examination of the present version (2.0) and future directions.

JavaFX 2.0 is a modern, scene graph based widget toolkit...

Dart in action
Dan Rubel [Google]
Track: Tools

Dart is a new open source web programming language, and we built the Dart Editor application using Eclipse technology. In this session, we demo all aspects of the Dart Editor with a running...

Enterprise OSGi for Earthlings: Meet Eclipse Libra
Naci Dai
Track: Tools

Eclipse Libra ( provides standard tools for OSGi Enterprise application development, particularly...

Dynamic RIAs with Equinox and Vaadin
Kai Toedter
Track: OSGi DevCon

When you want to use OSGi on the server-side, there are only a few options when it comes to dynamic and modular UIs. Besides RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), Vaadin is another UI toolkit that integrates...

Building Mobile Apps with RAP?
Ralf Sternberg [EclipseSource], Jordi Boehme Lopez [EclipseSource]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Is RAP a good fit for mobile applications? RAP as you know it uses HTML5 for rendering the user interface. But in our experience, browser-based apps still feel a bit clumsy on current mobile...

Building a Plug-and-Play Application Development Platform for the Car of the Future (Grand Ballroom DEFG)
Peter Semmelhack [Bug Labs], TJ Giuli [Ford Motor Company]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Automobiles are rapidly getting smarter and more connected.  As a result, they represent an exciting new frontier for software developers. These mass market mobile devices(!) are now becoming...

The Project Manager is Coming - Run for Your Lives!
Gregg Sporar [Planview], Carrie Nauyalis [Planview, Inc.]
Track: Agile ALM

Everything is in place: a team, an agile methodology, and an agile ALM tool. You’re ready to deliver great software, calculate team velocity, and iteratively improve the process and code. And then...

Build, Stage, Review, Merge: Task-focused Development the Eclipse Mylyn Way
Steffen Pingel [Tasktop], Benjamin Muskalla [Tasktop]
Track: Agile ALM

State of the art application development tool stacks often include a variety of ALM systems that are disconnected from each other and lack integration with tools typically used by developers. For...

IP Management and Open Source Software
Janet Campbell
Track: Agile ALM


The open source community is a community of communities and IP management varies widely within those communities. This session will examine the Eclipse Foundation’s approach to IP...

Scrumbox - Building the "perfect" Scrum app with Eclipse technology
Christian Campo [compeople AG]
Track: Agile ALM

If you ever worked in a Scrum team you know how hard it is to find a proper tool to manage your work. Scrum is mostly just a concept and it depends on the team on how it is implemented in the...

Creating tools to simplify your application development: The Chrome App example
Cedric Brun [Obeo], Stephane Begaudeau [Obeo]
Track: Modeling

During this tutorial we will build Eclipse editors and code generators dedicated to the development of Chrome application. From an example application you'll learn how to build a tooling enabling...

Adaptive Leadership for Continuous Delivery
Cyndi Mitchell [Thoughtworks]
Track: Agile ALM

Over the past ten years, increased global interconnectivity among societies, economies, businesses and individuals has given rise to a lot of complexity. For most people and organizations, the...

Making ALM Work - Transform your Application Lifecycle Management to Foster Innovation (presented by HP)
Ronit [HP]
Track: Agile ALM

Today’s application teams are under immense pressure to enhance software quality and accelerate time to market while meeting increasingly complex product demands.

Join us to learn best...

It's 2012: Why are you still redeploying in Java development? (presented by ZeroTurnaround)
Sang Shin [ZeroTurnaround]
Track: Tools

Making changes to running Java applications is hard. So hard, in fact, the majority of Java developers just redeploy their application whenever they make a series of small changes. This is a huge...

Development Intelligence: Using Business Analytics for Smarter Software and Systems Development & Delivery
Scott Ambler
Track: Agile ALM

Just as business analytics/intelligence solutions informs key stakeholders about the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations, development intelligence solutions can be used to provide...

The State of the JRockit & Hotspot Convergence (presented by Oracle)
Marcus Hirt [Oracle]
Track: Tools

Oracle is converging the HotSpot and Oracle JRockit JVMs to produce a "best-of-breed JVM". Internally, the project is sometimes referred to as the HotRockit project. This presentation will...

Making Eclipse Our Own: Customizing the Eclipse Experience for Development, QA, and Support (presented by Perforce)
Randy DeFauw [Perforce Software], Nellie LeMonier
Track: Tools

Perforce has a small and passionate Java team working on our portfolio of Java products. This team uses a tool stack with Eclipse at its core and other tools familiar to the Java Community,...

Oracle and Eclipse - To Infinity and Beyond! (presented by Oracle)
Donald Smith , Steve Northover , Doug Clarke [Oracle Canada], Susan Duncan [Oracle Corporation], Greg Stachnick [Oracle]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

This panel will bring together Oracle contributors and consumers of Eclipse projects, such as Hudson, EclipseLink and Web Tools Platform, with an emphasis on the Java ecosystem. Tooling (Greg...

Eclipse GUI Testing in the Cloud (presented by Xored)
Andrey Platov [Xored Software Inc], Andrei Sobolev [xored software, Inc. ], Ivan Inozemtsev [Xored]
Track: Tools

Tools like Xored Q7 changing Eclipse GUI testing landscape. Nowadays small teams or individual developers are able to create and maintain huge GUI/...

Cloud-enabled Development: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure (presented by Skytap)
Brian White
Track: Agile ALM

As software development teams seek greater efficiency and effectiveness, they often find that they are held back by old IT architecture for development and test. They wrestle with low-powered...

Application Lifecycle Management: Imperatives to succeed, agility to scale (presented by IBM)
Carolyn Pampino
Track: Agile ALM

"I have a bunch of tools, I don't need an ALM solution."

Developing Cloud Apps with Orion, Django and MongoDB - in 30 Minutes or Less
Mark Atwood [Red Hat, Inc]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

Close your laptop lids and stop updating your Twitter stream! All it's going to take is 30 minutes of your time to turn yourself into an Orion-loving, Django web app developing, MongoDB crushing...

Who’s running the asylum? (presented by Black Duck Software)
Dave Gruber [Black Duck]
Track: Community

Keeping up with all the people and activities surrounding your project can be a daunting task. Using data from Ohloh, and looking at the top 10 Eclipse projects, we will explore how you can...

Mobilize Your MongoDB! Developing iPhone and Android Apps for the Cloud with Eclipse (presented by Red Hat)
Grant Shipley
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Join us for a technical how-to session on how to develop iPhone and Android apps with MongoDB backends for the cloud. Let's skip having to learn three different languages and jumpstart the...

Jumpstart Java EE6 Development in the Cloud with JBoss Tools (presented by Red Hat)
Mark Atwood [Red Hat, Inc]
Track: Tools

Java EE6 rocks! At Red Hat we believe the biggest advancement for Java in the last 10 years has been Java Enterprise Edition 6. What's the most transformative change in IT in the last 10 years?...

Eclipse Development at Microsoft (presented by Microsoft)
Martin Woodward [Microsoft]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

Martin is an Eclipse plug-in developer working for the mother of all Microsoft shops – the Visual Studio team itself. He works in a distributed, agile team that builds the Eclipse plug-in for Team...

Cloud First: How Emerging Cloud Platforms and Patterns Are Changing Development – on Forking, Forging and Foraging
James Governor [Red Monk]
Track: Agile ALM

Application Development is going through a period of unprecedented change: sacred cows are being slaughtered left and right, driven by the failure of earlier architecture and delivery models....

Mobilize Your Workforce with Android (presented by Motorola Mobility)
Greg Wilson [Motorola Mobility, Inc.], Anna Schaller [Motorola Mobility], Eric Cloninger [Motorola Mobility, Inc.]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Corporate employees today expect 24/7 access to apps and information directly from their mobile devices. If you're ready to jumpstart your mobile development, this practical hands-on tutorial will...