Accepted Sessions with Slides

Number of sessions with slides: 83 sessions
How Polarsys addresses Long Term Support and develops the ecosystem of Eclipse tools for Critical Embedded Systems
Gael Blondelle [Obeo], Benoit Langlois [Thales], Pierre Gaufillet [Airbus]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

The Polarsys Industrial Working Group addresses specific issues of Industrial Users who create Embedded Software with long life cycles:

The Git Tutorial
Matthias Sohn [SAP AG], Stefan Lay [SAP AG], Kevin Sawicki , Benjamin Muskalla [Tasktop], Chris Aniszczyk
Track: Agile ALM

Eclipse and many other open source projects are moving to Git, CVS will be retired by the end of 2012, are you prepared? Want to learn Git and use it within Eclipse? Or you already work with Git...

The Jubula Tutorial: Round 3
Achim Loerke [BREDEX GmbH], Zeb Ford-Reitz [BREDEX GmbH], Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: Agile ALM

At the last two Eclipse Cons (US and EU 2011), the Jubula tutorial has been fully booked / oversubscribed. The reviews and feedback for rounds one and two have been good.

If you missed...

Lean ALM
Dave West [Forrester Research]
Track: Agile ALM

As software delivery becomes more important then so does the discipline for supporting it. ALM is that discipline, providing the structure, tools and practices to enable software to be planned,...

Best practices for using Hudson as part of your Agile strategy
Susan Duncan [Oracle Corporation], Winston Prakash [Oracle Corporation]
Track: Agile ALM

Hudson CI server is often used merely as an automated build system and to run tests. But is it at the heart of your agile approach to development? Is it providing the fast, self-testing, automated...

Building the Agile Enterprise: Combining Kanban and tooling to scale Agile beyond your team
Gil Irizarry [Constant Contact],
Track: Agile ALM

By adopting Kanban for our teams, employing an organization-wide release process and utilizing tooling for continuous integration of software, we have a process and system in place that allows us...

Continuous Delivery
Tim Brown [ThoughtWorks]
Track: Agile ALM

Businesses rely on getting valuable new software into the hands of users as fast as possible, while ensuring production environments become increasingly stable. Continuous Delivery is a...

Continuous Inspection with Sonar
Olivier Gaudin [SonarSource]
Track: Agile ALM

With Agile Methodology, source code is very much in the center of focus as being an element that must mute constantly over time to be able to embrace change. This key capability to refactor the...

iCTeam: Eclipse ALM on wheels
Jyothi G.Shivashankar [Robert Bosch], Ryan Brooks [The Boeing Company]
Track: Agile ALM

Objective : Present the concept of an ALM product for the Automotive embedded industry based on the Eclipse OSEE project.
This could be embraced and fostered by the Eclipse community and...

Continuous Feedback
Sam Guckenheimer [Microsoft]
Track: Agile ALM

Build-measure-learn is the essential cycle of improving product from continuous feedback with users and customers. In this talk, I cover experiences with a portfolio of techniques, including...

Build Trust in Your Build to Deployment Flow
Yoav Landman [JFrog]
Track: Agile ALM

Frequently deploying to production puts bigger pressure than before on devops to make sure the good, qualified application is provisioned with no mistakes.

This session will explore some...

R4E: Code and Model Reviews made easy
Sebastien Dubois [Ericsson]
Track: Agile ALM

Nowadays, code reviews have become an integral part of application development and life cycle management. Based on a framework developed under the Mylyn...

Acceptance Test Driven Development and Continuous Regression Testing with Jubula
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Track: Agile ALM

All too often there are large gaps between customer expectations (what a customer wants), customer requirements (what the customer actually needs), requirements documents (what the customer orders...

Making Mylyn the Agile Oil, and Glue, for your ALM stack
Rob Elves
Track: Agile ALM

The heterogeneous ALM stacks commonly found in enterprises challenge users with a lack of integration. Data in systems deployed across the organization gets out sync causing a disconnect between...

Get ready to fight your technical debt, with Tycho, Sonar, and Jacoco
Xavier Seignard [Pod Programming], Mickael Istria [JBoss, by Red Hat]
Track: Agile ALM

So Tycho won the war of build engines, right?
With it comes all the power of Maven and the seamless integration with CI engines.

Create useful documentation with Mylyn Intent: a step further in Application Life-cycle Management
Alex Lagarde [Obeo]
Track: Agile ALM
  • Alice looking at some code: Hey, why is this thing designed this way ? It looks way more twisted than necessary
  • Bob: Just check the design documents....
Migrating to Git: Let's Git this party started
Paul Webster [IBM Canada]
Track: Community

The Eclipse and Equinox projects began their Git migration shortly after the Indigo release. Two CVS repositories. Ten years of history. Transformed into 25 Git repositories. What challenges did...

What's new in the OSGi Enterprise Release 5.0
David Bosschaert [Red Hat], Tim Diekmann [TIBCO Software Inc.]
Track: OSGi DevCon

The Enterprise OSGi Release 5.0 will be generally available at EclipseCon/OSGiCon 2012. A number of significant enhancements have been made since the previous release, including:

Moving the Guidewire platform to OSGi
Paul D'Albora [Guidewire Software]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Guidewire Software builds advanced applications for the insurance industry. With over a hundred customers in a dozen countries, including global giants like AXA, Geico, and Tokyo Marine, our...

Liberate your components with OSGi services
Alasdair Nottingham
Track: OSGi DevCon

Converting any large application to be OSGi based is a difficult and complex process. Many projects find the fences that OSGi put in place puts insurmountable barriers in the way of success. Many...

Smart Home Mashups: A New Application Opportunity
Walt Bowers [Hitachi CTA]
Track: OSGi DevCon

The number of smart devices in the home is exploding. These devices no longer just include TVs, Bluray players and game consoles. They now include door locks, thermostats, refrigerators, washer/...

Micro Services in JavaScript
Simon Kaegi [IBM Canada]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Although modularity concepts from OSGi might not map cleanly to programming languages other than Java, the ideas around OSGi Micro Services might be universally applicable. In this talk we will...

Best Practices for (Enterprise) OSGi applications
Tim Ward [Paremus Ltd]
Track: OSGi DevCon

Since the first release of the OSGi Enterprise specification in March 2010 the use of OSGi in the enterprise has increased dramatically. Moving traditional Java EE applications to an OSGi stack is...

Experiences from Building the Fastest OSGi Container on the Planet
Jaroslav Tulach
Track: OSGi DevCon

What is the fastest OSGi container? Felix or...

DSLs for Java Developers With Xtext
Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis], Jan Koehnlein [itemis]
Track: Domain Specific Language

Programming is great fun. Doing so in your own programming language even more so! Seriously, inventing yet another general purpose programming language is rarely a good idea. However, as you can...

Dynamic Server Applications with EclipseRT
Andreas Mihm [AGETO Service GmbH], Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop]
Track: EclipseRT

EclipseRT is an Eclipse top-level project supporting a large community move to drive Equinox-based technology across a broad range of computing environments and problem domains. Today, there are...

Introduction to BIRT
John Ward
Track: Tools

This tutorial will walk users through the BIRT environment and guide them through building their first few reports using the BIRT reporting tool. It will highlight the following areas of BIRT...

OSGi On Rails
Gilles J. Iachelini [CSC Switzerland GmbH]
Track: EclipseRT

We are presenting an eclipse based software system built by CSC for the Swiss railways to optimize the rail traffic in the Zurich area by manipulating signals and switches. This is a follow up...

Provisioning & Migration with p2: Case study - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Christian Bourgeois [Compuware]
Track: EclipseRT

We'll present a case study of how Compuware leveraged the p2 framework to create an end to end remote provisioning solution for one of our product offering. We'll also show how we solved the...

Building HTML5 Applications with EclipseLink: JSON, JAX-RS, JPA & JavaScript
Shaun Smith [Oracle Canada], Doug Clarke [Oracle Canada]
Track: EclipseRT

In the Eclipse Juno release, EclipseLink is introducing a set of new features to support the development of HTML5 applications that interact with server side Java using REST. In this session we’...

Composing a Runtime
Beyhan Veliev [EclipseSource], Holger Staudacher [EclipseSource], Sebastian Schmidt
Track: EclipseRT

Hundreds of thousands of downloads for RCP, RAP, Equinox, BIRT, and the other projects that make up EclipseRT, are proof that Eclipse is now an established runtime technology. In fact, at every...

Building user friendly business apps for desktop and web
Matthias Zimmermann [BSI Business Systems Integration AG], Jochen Krause
Track: EclipseRT

Eclipse Scout is a proven platform for building business apps, such as Customer Relationship Management Systems.

In this talk we explore how the Scout project managed to conquer the web by...

Static analysis for quality mobile applications
Julia Perdigueiro [Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado], Eric Cloninger [Motorola Mobility, Inc.]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Improving software quality is a continual goal for developers. Static analysis is an easy technique to employ throughout the lifecycle. Mobile developers must be aware of the way different devices...

Lua tooling on steroids
Gaetan Morice [Sierra Wireless]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Koneki, an Eclipse Technology incubator project dedicated to Machine-to-Machine oriented tools and frameworks is delivering a first-class...

Xcore: Ecore Meets Xtext
Ed Merks [itemis]
Track: Domain Specific Language

Ecore's success stems from its power to describe deep semantic structure more concisely than Java. The downside are the tools. Certainly Ecore's structured editor is simple and effective and its...

DESAGN - A DSL for engineer-to-order
Esa Ryhänen [ERules], Martin Nilsson [AB Sandvik Coromant]
Track: Domain Specific Language

Sandvik Coromant ( has for the last 3 decades heavily depended on automated...

Xtext - Best Practices
Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]
Track: Domain Specific Language

From small domain specific languages over newly designed, grown-up programming languages or 'just' IDE support for existing ones - the Eclipse Xtext framework can be applied to a variety of use...

YAKINDU SCT - Domain-Specific Statecharts
Alexander Nyssen [itemis AG], Axel Terfloth [itemis AG]
Track: Domain Specific Language

The Yakindu open-source project, hosted at EclipseLabs (see and...

Win Friends and Influence People...with DSLs
[SciSpike], LloydMangnall [VHA, Inc.], Joel Denton [Aptitude, LLC]
Track: Domain Specific Language

This is our story about introducing Domain Specific Languages into an organization to get things done better and faster. We are focusing on what you need to know when you run a project that uses...

Program, thou shalt behave!
Birgit Engelmann [BMW Car IT], Sebastian Benz [E.S.R. Labs]
Track: Domain Specific Language

Imagine that users could use prose to describe how your software should behave and you could turn such a description into an executable acceptance test with just a few simple steps....

Spraying - a quick way to create Graphitis
Karsten Thoms
Track: Modeling

The Graphiti framework is a the approach to create highly sophisticated visual editors on top of the GEF framework. Creating editors with Graphiti is fairly simple, but yet repetitive, which makes...

I cheated on EMF with RDF. And I may do it again!
Marcelo Paternostro [Oracle]
Track: Modeling

I have been on a solid relationship with EMF and Object Oriented techniques for quite a while now: almost 10 years with the former and 20 with the...

Eclipse 4.2: Tips on API best practices for a 3.x plugin running on both platforms
Eric Moffatt [IBM Rational Canada], Remy Suen [IBM], Paul Webster [IBM Canada]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

Eclipse 4.2 supports the 3.x workbench API through use of the compatibility layer.  But some 3.x APIs are more architecturally compatible with Eclipse 4 than others.  This talk will touch on 3.x...

Experiences from porting a commercial RCP application to Eclipse 4.x
Fredrik Attebrant [Findout Technologies AB], Anders Forsell [FindOut Technologies AB]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

With 4.x becoming the main Eclipse platform, now is the time to start planning the migration of your existing 3.x RCP applications. In this talk we will share the experiences we made when porting...

Using and Extending CSS to Make Your App Stylin'
Brian de Alwis [Manumitting Technologies]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

The extensible CSS styling support introduced with Eclipse 4 (and available to 3.x apps too) provides support for radically changing an app's appearance using the same techniques seen on the web...

Commands in Eclipse: some advanced patterns
Paul Webster [IBM Canada]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

The Command Framework has much more flexibility for providing plugin developers with appropriate behaviour depending on when they want it. Menu Contributions allow commands to be placed in menus...

Eclipse 4's Modeled UI: Providing you with the Tools to Chart your own Graph
Remy Suen [IBM]
Track: Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4

Do you like to take control? Have you had enough of having to jump through hoops just to get an application to kind of look like what you envisioned? Eclipse 4's modeled user interface gives you...

Language Tooling in Orion
Simon Kaegi [IBM Canada]
Track: Tools

Orion is an open tool integration platform for writing browser-based development tools. Language development tools in Orion have come a long way since the project was first introduced a year ago....

Building GUIs with WindowBuilder
Eric Clayberg [Google]
Track: Tools

After Google's acquisition of Instantiations, WindowBuilder (winner of the 2009 Eclipse Community award for Best Commercial Eclipse Tool) was contributed to the Eclipse open source community (...

StoryTouch - an RCP app for movie script writing
Hugo Corbucci [ThoughtWorks], Mariana V Bravo
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

This talk will present the story of Story Touch (, a novel scriptwriting software developed on Eclipse RCP...

C++ Refactoring - Now for Real
Sergey Prigogin [Google]
Track: Tools

It's not a secret that CDT refactoring operations, except Rename, remained mostly unusable due to a multitude of issues plaguing them. Now, on the fifth anniversary of the most CDT refactorings,...

There and Back Again – as Quick as a Flash
Stefan Winkler [Freelancer]
Track: Modeling

The CDO framework has become one of the most versatile frameworks to scale, share, and store your models. This talk concentrates on the model persistence layer of CDO.

Automatic remote project synchronization using Git
Greg Watson
Track: Tools

Eclipse development works great when your projects are located on a local workstation or laptop. There is also exemplary support for version control systems such as CVS, Subversion, Git, etc., to...

What makes an application a "good" application?
Christian Campo [compeople AG]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

There are many aspects of software quality a developer applies when creating “good” software. Examples are maintainability, security, and reliability. However, it is not immediately clear to...

Geppetto - An Integrated Development Environment for Puppet
Kenn Hussey
Track: Agile ALM

This talk will provide both an overview of current approaches to developing Puppet modules, as well as a look forward toward an expanded vision that includes publishing and consuming modules via...

How to profit from Static Analysis
Elena Laskavaia [QNX Software System]
Track: Tools

Why it is profitable to use static analysis, how can it solves problems for developers, testing, security researches and quality managers.
This session gives overview of static analysis -...

Eclipse Code Recommenders - Code Completion on Steroids
Marcel Bruch
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

Do you still read source code to learn how to use an API?

The Eclipse Code Recommenders Project was created in early 2011 to tread new paths on how the next generation of IDEs could enable...

Seeing is Understanding: Debugging with the Multicore Visualizer
William Swanson [Tilera Corporation], Marc Khouzam [Ericsson]
Track: Tools

Given a program running a hundred threads on a multicore processor, which would you rather have?

Code Coverage Revised: EclEmma on JaCoCo
Marc R. Hoffmann [Independent Consultant]
Track: Tools

Code coverage analysis has become a standard software quality metric in many projects. This talk will provide an overview about the latest tools and integrations, in particular the new version 2.0...

Effective Mockito in a modular world
Holger Staudacher [EclipseSource]
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

Amongst the Mocking Frameworks for Java, Mockito is probably the most popular. And, for good reason: the Mockito development team has combined kick-...

Tips & Techniques for using Eclipse Dali Tools to deploy JPA/JEE Apps anywhere!
Ali Murtaza Manji [IBM]
Track: Tools

Using Eclipse 3.7 along with the Dali Persistence Tools that comes with the Eclipse Web Tools Project, we will look at best practices for users:

  1. developing enterprise grade...
Debugging in 2012 [Chronon Systems]
Track: Tools

The programs of 2012 are vastly different from the programs written in 90s and before. Yet the debugging techniques have not kept pace with time. The traditional debugger was invented in the 70s...

Persona Non Grata - Don't forget the users when doing your designs!
Brian Fitzpatrick [JBoss by Red Hat]
Track: Community

Who's your user? Do you really know? Can you make a good guess?

Pinning down some user characteristics using persona development techniques can save you time and money by offering a window...

A Modular and Extensible OSGi Shell
Lazar Kirchev [SAP AG]
Track: EclipseRT

Equinox shell is dead, long live Equinox shell!

Equinox has always had a default command line console – a very limited one actually. You’ve certainly faced this if you ever had to deal...

GEF - Past, Present, and Future
Alexander Nyssen [itemis AG]
Track: Tools

There are few projects at Eclipse that can actually claim to have a history as long and active as that of the platform itself. GEF, the Graphical Editing Framework (...

JavaScript Code assist for NodeJs and more
Justin Early
Track: Tools

VJET JavaScript IDE from is an Eclipse plugin that provides a fully integrated development environment for JavaScript – from authoring, to execution/test, and debugging. More...

Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams
Alan [Seapine Software]
Track: Agile ALM


In a 2010 study, "Agile Development: Mainstream Adoption Has Changed Agility," Forrester Research reported that roughly 88% of respondents had more than 10 members on a team....

News from Git in Java Land
Kevin Sawicki , Matthias Sohn [SAP AG]
Track: Agile ALM

Curious what's new in the Java Git ecosystem? Want to know more about the state of Git in the ALM space?

What's new with JGit and EGit 1.2 shipping right before the new year and what is...

Rich Client Platform for Synchrotron Science
Matthew Gerring
Track: Cool Stuff (other)

A presentation about eclipse software for creating workflows and pipelines graphically using GMF. The workflow engine is based on Ptolemy 2 and features components called 'actors' which can be...

Using MQTT and Eclipse Tools to Write an End-to-End M2M Application
Track: Mobile/Embedded

This presentation will teach attendees how they can write an end-to-end M2M application with Eclipse tools. Attendees will learn how to leverage the Eclipse IDE, the OSGi Equinox framework, MQTT...

How to train the JDT dragon
Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG], Ayushman Jain [IBM]
Track: Tools

The JDT exposes APIs and extension points to enable you to extend and customize the Java tooling. In this tutorial you will write a plug-in that uses some of these APIs to create a few quick fixes...

All About Eclipse Lyo - re-thinking tool integrations
Michael Fiedler [IBM Rational]
Track: Agile ALM

The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) community is working to standardize the way that ALM tools can share data (for example, requirements, defects, test cases, plans, or code) with...

From 98 days to 1 - our continuous deployment pivot
Jean-Michel Lemieux [Atlassian Pty Ltd]
Track: Agile ALM

As primarily a behind the firewall product company, Atlassian had established a 98 release cadence for all our products. Now with over 4,000 hosted customers and more than 100,000 instances...

Assholes are killing your project
Donnie Berkholz [RedMonk]
Track: Community

The strength of your community is the best predictor of your project's long-term viability. What happens when that community is gradually infiltrated by assholes, who infect everyone else with...

3MF: EMF to the infinity... and beyond!
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]
Track: Modeling

Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is great and its greatness is awarded by its wide spread and usage (and not only within the modeling community). Its status of Super Java Beans on steroids is...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Build
Wayne Beaton [The Eclipse Foundation], Denis Roy [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]
Track: Agile ALM

With Hudson driving builds from the top; Git, Gerrit, Maven, and Tycho in the middle; and Mylyn controlling the pieces from the developer's desktop, The Eclipse Foundation provides an impressive...

Successful PaaS and CI in the Cloud
Steve Harris [CloudBees]
Track: Agile ALM

Using Infrastructure as a Service in the cloud is a no-brainer for every startup today, and increasingly in the enterprise. On-demand, self-service access to compute power, disk, and network...

BahBahChat: A Chat Application based on Eclipse Scout (presented by BSI)
Matthias Zimmermann [BSI Business Systems Integration AG]
Track: EclipseRT

"BahBahChat" is a tiny chat web-application built with Eclipse Scout.

After a brief introduction to Eclipse Scout we first walk through the creation of a "hello world" application.


What is BIRT? Quick Jumpstart (presented by Actuate)
Virgil Mising name [Actuate Corporation]
Track: Tools

You may have heard of BIRT, the Eclipse Foundation Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools open source project sponsored by Actuate, but are wondering what it is and how it might help you. This...

Extending BIRT with Plug-ins (presented by Actuate)
Michael Williams [Actuate]
Track: Tools

Do you need to extend BIRT but are intimidated by the thought of creating a BIRT plug-in? In this talk, I'll try to calm some of those fears by showing some resources and tools that make this task...

Scaling agility: Drinking our ALM Champagne (presented by IBM)
Scott Rich [IBM Rational Software]
Track: Agile ALM

Prove it. That's what the Jazz team said to themselves in 2008, when they
embarked on a journey to create an ALM solution that also provided the
world's first OSLC implementations. Not...

The Eclipse Virgo Experience at CME Group
Jan Fetyko [CME Group]
Track: EclipseRT

Whether you're just starting or already in the middle of your next OSGi project, you ought to make mistakes. Mistakes are important in the learning process, but who says you need to make mistakes...

Android 101
Eric Cloninger [Motorola Mobility, Inc.]
Track: Mobile/Embedded

Are you planning a new project for Android or interested in learning more about developing Android apps? In this session, discover the basics of getting a new project started with Eclipse-based...