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John Duimovich IBM
Chief Technology Officer, Java's picture
John Kellerman
John Misinco
John Ward
John Ward's picture
Jonas Helming EclipseSource Munich
General Manager
e4, EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform
Jonas Jonsson
Jonathan Wright Cerner
Software Engineer
Eclipse, OSGi, Java, Scala, REST's picture
Jordi Boehme Lopez EclipseSource
Senior Technology Consultant Eclipse, Mobile and Yoxos Enterprise
Eclipse, Java, OSGi, iOS, Mobile, Software Deployment
Joseph Peng
Judith Gull
Juergen Wiesmaier's picture
Julia Perdigueiro Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado
juraj husar's picture
Justin Early's picture
Jyothi G.Shivashankar Robert Bosch
General Manager
Kai Toedter
Karsten Schmidt's picture
Karsten Thoms
Katherine Sward University of Utah
Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean for IT
Katya Todorova SAP AG
Class loading, life cycle management
Ken Keefe
Ken Sayers
Ken Shih
Kenn Hussey
Khaled Hafez's picture
Kilian Matt Vienna University of Technology
Kim Moir
Kirk Rasmussen
Klara Ward
Koichi Noguchi
kunal shroff
Lars Milland
Lars Mising name Topdanmark
IT Architect
Lars Ohlen Tieto Sweden AB
Software Architect's picture
Laurent Mising name VMware
Lazar Kirchev SAP AG
liming Mising name
Linda Chan
LloydMangnall VHA, Inc.
VP/CTO's picture
Luke Kanies Puppet Labs
CEO's picture
Lynn Gayowski Klocwork

Marketing Programs Specialist
eclipse, sca, source code analysis, static analysis, developer tools, Klocwork, marketing's picture
Marc Khouzam Ericsson
Software Designer's picture
Marc R. Hoffmann Independent Consultant
Software Developer
Eclipse, OSGi, Sofware Quality, Code Coverage, Software Development Processes's picture
Marcel Bruch
Marcelo Mcg's picture
Marcelo Paternostro Oracle
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Eclipse, Java, Modeling, EMF, Linked Data, RDF, Test, Martial Arts
Marcin Koziarski
Marco Brambilla's picture
Marcus Hirt Oracle
Consulting Member of Technical Staff
Java, Eclipse, Objective C, iOS development