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Creating Large Scale Software Platforms with OSGi and an Extension Point Model

Eric Barroca, Bogdan Stefanescu (NUXEO )

OSGi DevCon · Standard
Wednesday, 13:00, 20 minutes | Stevens Creek


OSGi was selected by Nuxeo on the server side 4 years ago in order to create a platform for content management applications that could scale to meet the most challenging digital content use cases. Leveraging this component model, allied with a powerful extension system and using a set of Java server-side technologies (Seam, JSF, JTA), Nuxeo has created highly flexible software platform for content management, deploying it on various target environments (bare JVM, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, Equinox) thanks to OSGi-based deployment abstraction. The platform is composed by more than 120+ bundles, 220 extension points, 500 contributions. All this powered by OSGi and an extension model. In short, OSGi has been used to make Java EE modular and flexible.

This session will dive into the approach used, how the platform evolved over the past 3 years regarding OSGi, how Nuxeo built the extension system, how to leverage OSGi to create multiple assemblies from the same codebase, discuss how the UI has been modularized, and how the platform can now be deployed on traditional Java server containers (JBoss, Jetty, Tomcat) and new ones like Eclipse Virgo. A look to the future and the evolution of the Nuxeo platform for content application development will wrap up the talk.

Eric Barroca is the CEO of Nuxeo, a software company providing a modular and extensible open source platform for enterprise content management, document management, digital asset management and case management. Eric has been working for 10+ years in both the content management space and the open source business space, and has occupied progressive positions at Nuxeo before taking the lead. He is passionate about building the company and creating software for developers with emphasis on modularity, content repositories, web applications, agility and lean. Of course, he's into all kind of geeky gadgets and is an amateur of many fields of the tech landscape.

Bogdan Stefanescu works as lead architect and developer for the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform, as part of the R&D team. He has architected the core runtime of Nuxeo EP and a lot of its service model, leveraging OSGi and an extension point system to lay the foundation of the large software platform. Current work cover both server-side and client-side frameworks from integrating Nuxeo with Virgo to integrating GWT front-ends in modular OSGi like frameworks, or providing Eclipse based tooling for Nuxeo developers. He likes the designing highly modular frameworks, RESTful approaches and still count CPU cycles when coding.


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