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What every Eclipse Developer should know about EMF

Maximilian Koegel (EclipseSource), Jonas Helming (EclipseSource), Thomas Schindl (BestSolution ), Cedric Brun (OBEO ), Eike Stepper, Nitesh Narayan (Chair for Applied Software Engineering, TUM ), Saurav Sarkar (SAP AG ), Mariot Chauvin (OBEO ), Edgar Mueller (EclipseSource), Otto von Wesendonk

Making with Eclipse · Extended tutorial
Monday, 09:00, 3 hours | Ballroom D


You did not use EMF before? What is EMF anyway? What is all this modeling stuff about? And who is this Ed guy?

This tutorial motivates the use of EMF and explains the basics. We show, how to build a very simple data-centric application based on EMF including the UI. We explain how to define a model in EMF and how to generate code from it. We explore the API of the generated code, that is how to create, navigate and modify model instances. We demonstrate how to build an UI based on this model using databinding. As an example we build an application to manage a conference, including authors and submissions.

In the second part, there will be a brief overview of the most important additional technologies. The goal is that you learn, what different frameworks are available and which technology you should investigate in more detail. This part is organized using the Ignite format. There are 9 talks, 5 minutes each, given by committers of the respective projects. The projects are EMF Compare, GMF, EEF, EMF Client Platform, Teneo, CDO, EMFStore, EMF Query 2 and EDAPT. The goal of this part is not to go into detail about any specific news or features, but to just tell people, why they should have a closer look at the project and what they can gain from using this technology.

After listing to this tutorial the audience should be well prepared to use EMF in their next project.

This is our schedule for the tutorial including the speakers that have already confirmed their commitment:

- EMF Modeling including UI (2 hours)
- Ignite Talks (1 hour):
- EMF Compare (Cedric Brun)
- GMF (Mariot Chauvin)
- EEF (Mariot Chauvin)
- EMF Client Platform (NItesh Narayan)
- CDO (Eike Stepper)
- Teneo (Martin Taal)
- EMF Query 2 (Saurav Sarkar)
- EMFStore (Otto von Wesendonk & Edgar Müller)
- EDAPT (Markus Herrmannsdoerfer)

Please find all contents of the tutorial in these two blog posts (including slides):

Blog Entry 1/2

Blog Entry 2/2

Maximilian is an Eclipse developer, consultant for Eclipse technology and project lead of the EMFStore and the EMF Client Platform projects. Both projects are closely related to EMF. Maximilian is currently a researcher at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) and finishing his Ph.D. thesis.

Jonas Helming is an Eclipse developer and consultant. He is the project lead of two Eclipse Projects: EMF Client Platform and EMFStore. Currently he is working as a researcher at the Technical University Munich and finishing his Ph.D.. Jonas writes a blog about Eclipse related topics:

Tom is self-employed and CEO of Systemhaus Gmbh a software company building applications (RCP, J2EE) for companies around the world.

Besides implementing solutions their own consulted companies to introduce Eclipse Technologies into their software stack by providing its knowledge about Eclipse Technologies and Software Design experience. Tom is one of the Platform-UI and Nebula committers working on JFace-Viewers, Nebula-Grid and contributed patches to other eclipse projects (EMF, ...). He is the founder of the UFacekit-Project which builds a layer of abstraction above Eclipse-Databinding.

He is a regular contributor to the eclipse newsgroups and received the top contributor award in 2007 for his work on JFace-Viewers.

Tom is part of the E4 project team and has written the EMF based platform prototype used as the starting point for the implementation of the next generation of the Eclipse-Platform.

He regularly blogs about his opensource work on

Cedric leads the Modeling Amalgamation and EMF Compare components, is commiter on several Eclipse Modeling projects (Acceleo), and his both member of the Eclipse Architecture and Planning Councils. As a product architect at Obeo he is technical lead of Obeo Designer and works on software evolution, re-engineering and cartography of legacy systems; all through model driven processes. He has graduated both the Polytech engineering school and a research Master at the University of Nantes and specialized himself in software engineering and model driven engineering. Prior to his current jobs he has been an active contributor to open source and worked in Guangzhou on a global video conference solution for the Chinese Education and Research Network (CERNET).

Eike is an independent consultant in the areas of OSGi and modeling with over 25 years of experience in software development. With his consulting company ES-Computersysteme, founded back in 1991, he conducted dozens of successful customer projects. Eike is the leader of the CDO Model Repository and Net4j Signalling Platform projects at Eclipse. He is also committer on the e4, b3, ECP and Mylyn projects and has won the Top Committer Eclipse Comunity Award 2010. Visit Eike's blog for more information...

Nitesh Narayan is a committer for EMF Client Platform Project. Currently he is pursuing his Ph.D. at Technische Universität München (TUM) in the field of Applied Software Engineering. Part of his research work, he is associated with several projects like UNICASE, MAC Project-B8.

Saurav Sarkar works as a Senior Developer in SAP Labs India Bangalore. He is an Eclipse EMF Query committer and spends his time working on topics related to EMF.He also carries the role of an Eclipse evangelist in his team and spreads anything which is concerned with Eclipse. He has worked on various kinds of Eclipse projects from WTP to EMF and has extensive experience in Model driven development. He is an avid reader of books and loves researching old classic movies .He cherishes to write anything which is related to Eclipse, Java and Open Source in his blog at Codify It.

Mariot is an engineer working for Obeo on Model Driven Engineering. He is one of the main contributor to Obeo Designer product, a software factory built on top of eclipse modeling. He is GMF, SWTBot and Sketch committer. He has graduated both Telecom Lille 1 engineering school and a research Master at the Computer Science Laboratory of Lille. Prior to joining Obeo, he worked as intern at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory on wireless sensor networks (MQTTs) and at Motorola Research Center in Paris on IP mobility.

Edgar is a master student at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), where he got involved with the development of the EMFStore and EMF Client Platform Projects. He is a contributor to both projects.

Otto von Wesendonk is a master student at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM). For more than 3 years he has worked on the UNICASE project at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering. He is committer for the EMFStore and EMF Client Platform project which both were derived from the UNICASE project.


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