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Getting Eclipse Preferences Under Control in Teams

Michael Pellaton

Making with Eclipse · Standard
Wednesday, 13:00, 20 minutes | Ballroom D


In large teams it is necessary that a number Eclipse preferences are synchronized among the members. This necessity arises from two sources. First, some settings need to be the same in every single workspace for technical reasons. Second, common configurations enhance the efficiency of the team members.

One possible solution for the problem is storing as many settings as possible on project level to keep the number of workspace-level configurations minimal. While this approach mitigates the problem, it does not supersede the need for common workspace configurations. Eclipse itself offers preference import and export functions using files in the file system. However, that process involves a number of manual steps that the developers have to perform in each workspace which is cumbersome, error prone and inefficient.

The goals of this talk are to highlight some problems arising in large teams that are not well covered by functionality offered by the standard Eclipse package and to show how the two freely available extensions Workspace Mechanic and Eclipse Team Etceteras can be employed to address the issues. The main part of the talk will give a survey of the two aforementioned extensions and it will conclude with recommendations on when to use which one.

Slides and Examples
The slides and additional examples can be downloaded from:

Michael Pellaton is a senior software engineer at Netcetera Zurich, Switzerland. Besides working in a large RCP project, he is the chief Eclipse evangelist and supporter at Netcetera. Michael maintains the Eclipse distribution of the company and he's the principal developer of the Eclipse Team Etceteras project. Michael holds a BE degree in Information Technology of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and has eight years of experience in application development with Java and six years of experience with Eclipse and RCP.

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