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Using Eclipse to Build a Linux Distribution

Severin Gehwolf (Red Hat, Inc. ), Andrew Overholt

Making with Eclipse · Standard
Wednesday, 13:00, 20 minutes | Ballroom A


A Linux distribution consists of hundreds of thousands of packages, put together by software engineers to make the most out of an operating system. As a matter of fact, Linux distributors put in significant effort on packaging software. However, they are not only concerned about how to package software in a compatible way, but are often involved in significant upstream software development as well.

For Fedora developers the two worlds of upstream development and distribution packaging are brought together by a tool called Eclipse Fedora Packager. Eclipse Fedora Packager adds Fedora packaging life-cycle support to Eclipse. It allows us to edit and validate spec-files, build RPMs and, furthermore, interact with Fedora infrastructure quickly and easily. In a nutshell, Eclipse Fedora Packager makes upstream development and distribution packaging faster by allowing to do both within a single integrated environment.

Have you done RPM packaging before and want to know how to do this from within Eclipse? Are you interested in how a Linux distribution is put together? Are you planning on getting your Eclipse plug-in into Fedora? If your answer was yes to any of the questions above this talk is for you.

Our talk will introduce you to the Fedora packaging process and will outline how RPM packages can be built from within Eclipse. Also, we will give a brief overview as to how Eclipse Fedora Packager has been developed and built.

Severin Gehwolf is a Software Developer with the Eclipse team at Red Hat Inc. He is a committer on the Eclipse Linux Tools project and is the current maintainer of Eclipse Fedora Packager, an Eclipse plug-in aiming at making Fedora packaging less painful. In his spare time he likes to do sports and enjoys outdoor activities.

Andrew Overholt works for Red Hat at their Toronto office. He leads the Linux Tools project at

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