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Beyond Plug-in Architecture: Planning, Development and Support of Large Scale Eclipse Products

John Graham (Red Hat, Inc. )

Making with Eclipse · Extended
Monday, 14:30, 40 minutes | Stevens Creek


Successful products built on Eclipse are far more than collections of plug-ins. The Eclipse platform provides a number of services for product deployment, and polished offerings make careful use of these capabilities. Beyond the Eclipse platform itself, how does delivering a large scale product based on a set of plug-ins impact the product life cycle? What are the best practices for Eclipse products, and what are common pitfalls?

Based on delivering enterprise-scale products since Eclipse 2, we will discuss the patterns, both good and bad, that emerge at the product level. We will discuss open and closed platform deployments, life cycle management in the presence of multiple product streams, product line development and evolution, levels of engagement in the Eclipse open source process, and fundamentally why plug-in products are different from other product types. We will describe a framework integrating these dimensions, which will allow for product evaluation and decisions throughout the life cycle. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges present in Eclipse product development, and will be prepared to succeed with Eclipse product offerings.

John has been involved in enterprise software development for the past 15 years, most of which has concentrated on enterprise application integration and SOA. He has also been involved with open source for the past 8 years, and founded the Eclipse Data Tools Platform project, which he led from incubation through maturity at the Eclipse Foundation. As a member of JBoss by Red Hat, John has concentrated on SOA development tooling and most recently serves as the technical development manager for Red Hat's SOA and BRMS products. John blogs as often as he can at