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5M lines of code to migrate

Etienne Juliot (OBEO ), MikaŽl Barbero (OBEO )

Making with Eclipse · Standard
Thursday, 15:20, 20 minutes | Lafayette


Every company has legacy applications.
And every framework, language, technology will dead or will become legacy.

How to modernise them without the need to rewrite everything by hand?
Does an automatic migration of source code is realistic on large applications?
Does Eclipse technologies help for these tasks?

This talk will answer these questions through a real use case executed for a french ministry: the migration of a large scale application (5 millions of line of code) from Forte to Java.

We will explain our project process to insure 99,9999% of garanties to migrated code and how we create a custom migration factory with:

  • EMF to represent source code as a structured model
  • CDO to store several Gigabits of datas with very good performances
  • Agility to reverse existing source code
  • GMF and ATL for Software Mining and cartography
  • Acceleo for translating

The talk will also show demos of this migration tooling applied to other technologies and other needs of legacy analysis:

  • ADA to C++
  • VB to DotNet
  • OracleForms to JavaEE
  • Natural Sonar (quality checker)
  • Cobol cartography

Cobol Cartography

Etienne Juliot is one the funder of Obeo company focus on Model Driven tools. He contributes to several Eclipse projects (Acceleo, ATL, EEF, ...) and to several OpenSource communities. He has over 9 years of software architecture experience (information and embedded systems), MDA approach, and Eclipse technologies. He works for very larges companies on reverse engineering projets and specific MDA toolchains, and manages Obeo's working tasks inside several large R&D projects for aerospace and automotive industries. Today, he manages Obeo's strategy on Eclipse Modeling technologies by driving the Obeo Designer product and the OpenSource business model. He is also involve in Eclipse Foundation as a commiter and a member of the board of directors.

Mikaël Barbero is working as software engineer and consultant at Obeo in western France. He is working on model-driven software migration and modernization. He is contributing to several open source projects (Acceleo, EMF Editing Framework, ATL, EMFCompare...) about modeling and is also leading the EMFPath project.