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Extending the BIRT Chart Model

Jason Weathersby

Making with Eclipse · Standard
Wednesday, 11:10, 20 minutes | Ballroom A


The BIRT Chart Engine currently supports fourteen main chart types (Bar, Line, Pie, etc) with many subtypes (Stacked, Side by Side, Percent, etc). These charts are stored in an EMF model and can be created using the Chart Builder or the Chart Engine API. In addition Charts can be deployed stand alone, within a BIRT design, or within an RCP application. The Engine also supplies many extension points which allow the model, data gathering and rendering of charts to be expanded. This presentation will walk you through implementing the required Extension points to add a new chart type to the BIRT Chart Builder and Engine.
Topics and some of the answers available in the presentation are:
BIRT Chart Engine Overview:
  • A tale of two APIs!
  • Understanding the Chart Engine Pipeline.
  • BIRT Chart Downloads:
  • What do I need to get started?
  • Adding Your Own Chart Type:
  • What are the steps to creating a new Chart Type?
  • BIRT Chart EMF Model:
  • What's in the Model?
  • How do I extend the Chart EMF Model?
  • Chart UI Types Extension Point:
  • How do I add my chart type to the Chart Builder?
  • Series Composite Extension Point:
  • How can I add a composite to the Chart Builder to configure my new Chart type?
  • Model Renderer Extension Point:
  • How do I make the Chart engine draw my new Chart type?
  • Jason Weathersby is the BIRT Evangelist at Actuate Corporation and a member of the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project Management Committee (PMC). Jason has over 15 years experience in the software development field, ranging from real time process control to business intelligence software. At Actuate, Jason is currently responsible for educating the Open Source community on BIRT and encouraging its adoption. Jason has co-authored two BIRT books and written many articles that discuss the BIRT technology.