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Building Eclipse plugins and RCP applications with Tycho, Nexus & Hudson

Jason Van Zyl (Sonatype ), Pascal Rapicault (RAPICORP ), Jan Sievers (SAP AG ),

Making with Eclipse · Extended tutorial
Monday, 09:00, 3 hours | Stevens Creek


Build automation and continuous integration are central to the production of quality enterprise software. Without automation it is often difficult to keep track of defects and communicate build status. One of the goals of the Maven project is to bring efficient build automation to enterprise development, and as more organizations start to develop Eclipse plugins and RCP applications, there is a greater need for Maven to interoperate with the Eclipse platform. This tutorial provides first hand experience in how to use Tycho, Nexus & Hudson to build Eclipse plugins and RCP applications. Tycho provides Maven plugins and tools for building OSGi bundles, Eclipse plugins, and RCP applications. In this tutorial, developers will learn how Tycho provides seamless integration with Eclipse PDE tools and allows developers to reuse project metadata created with Eclipse PDE tools in automated enterprise builds. After this tutorial, you will be able to integrate Eclipse plugin and RCP application builds into an existing Maven-based build infrastructure, and you will be able to build, release, and provision Eclipse plugins, RCP application, and OSGi bundles using familiar Maven development strategies and best practices.

Jason van Zyl is the Founder and CTO of Sonatype, the leader in Java development infrastructure whose customers include Intuit, Cisco, Qualcomm, Vanguard and E*Trade. Jason has over 10 years of experience in open source and proprietary enterprise software development. An open source enthusiast, Jason is the founder of the Apache Maven project, and the original benefactor of the Nexus, Tycho, and M2Eclipse projects.

Pascal Rapicault leads the Equinox p2 team, dedicated to provide a cross platform provisioning technology at Eclipse. Over his years of involvement at Eclipse, Pascal has shaped the Eclipse component story by contributing to the runtime, build and provisioning aspects, thus defining how components are designed, developed, built, deployed and finally executed. His current interests include providing a complete end to end solution to ease component development. More generally he is interested in software development and bringing research ideas to products.

Jan Sievers works at SAP since 2001 and is currently an architect on the build and provisioning team. He is a committer on the Tycho project which recently moved to


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