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Science and Eclipse: Tools, Platform and Community

Miles Parker (Tasktop )

Making Community · Bof
Wednesday, 19:30, 1 hour | Alameda


There are many great science related projects built on Eclipse. Let's get together with others to discuss the future of science in terms of the three levels of Eclipse: as a set of software tools, as a platform for building integrated tools, and as a global community.

We'll have an opportunity to meet other scientists using Eclipse, find out about applications and frameworks built with the platform and explore ways in which we can integrate with or even team with other efforts. One of us [Miles Parker] has a particular interest in modeling and visualizing complex systems which drives his interest in integrative efforts, but many of us working on science and software have a desire to see the tools from different disciplines and methodologies working well together. It might make sense to focus on Eclipse projects proper, but we could discuss the challenges and opportunities for Eclipse based tools in general.

Please note that as initial proposer I am just throwing this out as a kernel to start with -- please feel free to add yourself as an author and make changes to the abstract as we get an evolving sense of what people are interested in discussing. -Miles

BIOGRAPHY Miles Parker is the Founder of Metascape, LLC and project lead for the Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform incubation project. He's been an innovator in the development of models and tools for Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) for the past fifteen years, and has worked with complex systems in many diverse areas, from archeology to artificial reasoning systems to biomedicine and has over twenty years of experience in object-oriented software development and API framework design. He holds a BS in Political Science from the University of Utah and an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Miles is project lead for the Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform and a member of the Eclipse Modeling Project Management Committee.