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Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 101

Dan Rubel (Google Inc. ), Jaime Wren (Google Inc. )

Making with Eclipse · Standard
Thursday, 13:30, 20 minutes | Ballroom A


When standard widgets such as text editors, combo boxes and trees aren't rich enough to display data effectively, then a graphical representation may be the best choice. Based upon the forthcoming book "Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)" (ISBN-10: 0321718380 - this talk takes you through all aspects of development with GEF by walking through all the steps to create a Genealogy Diagram Editor. We touch on developing custom figures and edit parts, connecting a model, writing your own commands, integrating a command stack and undo/redo, adding a tools palette, and more, all within an MVC-based architecture. Come find out if GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) is a solution for your next project.

Dan Rubel is a software engineer on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) team at Google and the co-founder of Instantiations, which was acquired by Google in 2010. He is an entrepreneur and an expert in the design and application of object-oriented technologies with more than 20 years of commercial software development experience, including 14 years of experience with Java and 10 years with Eclipse. He was the primary architect and product manager for several successful commercial products including RCP Developer and WindowTester, and has played key design and leadership roles in other commercial products such as WindowBuilder Pro, VA Assist, and CodePro Studio. He is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences, co-author of two books on Eclipse: "Eclipse Plug-ins" and the forthcoming "Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)."

Jaime Wren is a Software Engineer on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) team at Google. He has worked with object-oriented technologies for the past nine years, and Eclipse tools for the past five years, and is an Eclipse Committer on the WindowBuilder project. Jaime has made significant contributions as a developer on the CodePro and WindowBuilder product lines. He is a co-author of the forthcoming "Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)" book (1st Edition, March 2011), Addison Wesley, 2011. ISBN-10: 0321718380 (