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EclipseCon Trivia Game


The EclipseCon Trivia Game is a great way to win prizes in exchange for collaborating with your colleagues, sharing knowledge, being in the right place at the right time, and having a bit of luck! Collect cards through the week from your registration packet, lunches, participating sponsor booths and trading with others. Complete a qualifying hand, which varies by day, and enter a drawing to win prizes!

Game Description

  • There are 25 unique trivia cards grouped by five colors and five topics. There may also be a few rare wildcards available that can be used as any color, or any topic.
  • A starter-pack of cards is part of your registration packet. Additional cards can be obtained at lunch on Monday and Wednesday, by visiting one of the participating sponsors, or trading with others. The following is a list of participating sponsors who may give you additional cards:
    • Oracle
    • Purple Scout AB
    • Instantiations
    • Excelsior
    • Agitar
  • Once you complete a Qualifying Hand (see below) for a given day, bring your hand to the Registration area NO LATER THAN 6pm Monday - Wednesday and 3pm on Thursday. A stapler will be available for adding your contact information to your hand. Your contact information should contain your email address and your cell phone number. Just enter your hand into the drawing for that day's prize(s).


  • Daily Prizes
    We'll draw from each day's Qualifying Hands to award a daily prize. Daily prize is a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate PLUS your choice of an Android or BlackBerry device. You'll be notified via email or cell phone if you win this prize for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and you have until 3pm Thursday to pick up your prize in the Registration area. Thursday's daily prize is awarded at the closing session, and you must be present to win.
  • Grand Prize
    If you don't win a daily prize, you still have a chance to win the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner is drawn from the entire week's Qualifying Hands at the closing session (you must be present to win).
  • Grand Challenge Prize
    The Grand Challenge prize (see below) will be awarded at the closing session on Thursday, and again, you must be present to win.

Qualifying Hands

All Qualifying Hands must have a correct answer written in the space provided on each card, and each card must be unique (no duplicates, and wild cards to not play).

  • Monday - Three unique question cards of the same color
  • Tuesday - Four unique question cards of the same topic
  • Wednesday - Five unique question cards of the same color
  • Thursday - Five unique question cards of the same topic
  • GRAND CHALLENGE - Collect and answer all 25 color/category cards (wild cards do not play) for a chance to win a full conference pass to EclipseCon 2011! This may be completed as an individual or as part of a team.

Grand Challenge Details

  • The Grand Challenge requires collecting and answering all 25 unique cards (no wild cards please) by 3pm on Thursday.
  • A random drawing will take place from all correctly answered Grand Challenge submissions to win a full conference pass to EclipseCon 2011!
  • If the submission is from an individual, that individual will receive a full conference pass to EclipseCon 2011.
  • If the submission is from a team, then the prize will be a percent discount based on the number of team members. For example, a team of 4 would win four 25%-off coupons for 2011. For maximum benefit, these coupons may be combined with other discounts such as the member or alumni discount, speaker discounts, etc.


I completed a qualifying hand for today; now what do I do? Go to the registration area, and staple your hand to something containing your contact information (business card, sticky note, etc.). Drop you hand into the basket and if your entry is drawn, and your answers are correct - you win!

What are my odds in winning? The odds depend on how many people participate each day, and how skilled they are at answering the questions.

Can I enter more than once? You can enter each and every day, but please, not more than once per day. The tricky part will be gathering new cards each day, because once you submit a qualifying hand, those cards will not be returned. But if you're at all social and keen on playing the game, it shouldn't be difficult to restock.

I don't understand one or more of the questions; who do I ask for clarification? Take your best guess or ask your peers. We'll do our best to ensure the questions are clear and unambiguous, but we'll look carefully at incorrect answers to see if they were a result of a misinterpretation and consider accordingly.

Who determines the correct answers? The Conference Chair is the final judge of correct answers, and will err on the side of flexibility where possible misinterpretations may exist.