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Tuesday, March 24

TimeTheaterGreat America 1Room 203/204Room 209/210Grand Ballroom DGrand Ballroom EGreat America Meeting Room 2Great America Meeting Room 3Room 206Room 207
08:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

08:45 Introductions (Grand Ballroom FGH)

09:00 The Social Mind: Designing Like Groups Matter (Grand Ballroom FGH)

10:10 Runtime (r)evolution at Eclipse

Two Talks: SWT on Cocoa / Helping Your Users

Eclipse In Action

Why OSGi and the EPL are great for Mobile Platforms!

  Preparing Java EE 6 development environment with Eclipse and GlassFish v3

  Designing an Android Domain Specific Modeling Language using EMF, GEF and GMF

Enterprise Build System: Model Driven Architecture on PDE Build runtime

11:10 Android and the Eclipse Ecosystem

You and Your Tools

OSGi Short Takes

Runtime - Tests and Builds

Tuning the Eclipse Way using Rational Team Concert

  Open Source As Part of a Successful Product Strategy

Web Services Tools in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform

Scale, Share and Store your Models with CDO 2.0

Executing BPMN

12:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 e4 Project in Review

Tools Topics to Make You Think

New Things Aspects and Plug-In Development

SOA Track Set

  Getting Started With Jazz

Harnessing JPA 2.0 with Eclipse

Next generation textual DSLs with Xtext

On The Shoulders of Giants: Harnessing the Power of Eclipse Enterprise Ecosystem

Convergence in device software - Use the TmL project to create tools for mobile Linux developers

14:30 Controlled Chaos - Version Control in the Twenty-first Century

DSDP Sub-Project Updates for Galileo

EMF Comparison, Editing, and Indexing

e4 - Under the Covers

  Ask Forgiveness not Permission

RAP or GWT: Which Java-Based AJAX Technology Is for You?

Practical Process Orchestration using Eclipse SOA

Bending Eclipse to Your Will: From ENVY/Smalltalk to Wrath

15:30 Make Money Fast! Market Your Killer App with the Eclipse Pulsar Initiative (formerly Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group)

DSDP Sub-Project Updates

EMF Repository, Workflow, and Model Execution

I Declare! Declarative User Interfaces in e4

Eclipse SOA Initiative

Hands on with JBoss Developer Studio

  Creating Custom Dojo Widgets Using WTP

Take the fat man off your application and it will run faster.

16:30 Experiences Visualizing Android Performance in Eclipse TPTP

Global Eclipse Ecosystem: Leveraging the Opportunities in India and Brazil

Tools and How to Use Them

e4 UI in Practice

  MTJ: Taking Mobile Java Developers To The Next Level

GlassFish v3 and OSGi: Developing on Eclipse and running the future Java EE 6 Application Server on top of OSGi Equinox

Galileo: delivering the next major release

Building your first JPA application with Dali JPA Tools

17:20 Exhibitors Reception (Exhibit Hall A)