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Monday, March 23

TimeGrand Ballroom BGrand Ballroom FGrand Ballroom GGreat America Meeting Room 1Room 201Room 202Room 203/204Grand Ballroom DGrand Ballroom EGrand Ballroom CGreat America Meeting Room 2Room 206Room 207Room 209Room 210Room 211
06:30 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

08:00 Basic BIRT Reporting

Getting started with RTSC component development

Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications

Component Oriented Development in OSGi with DS, Spring and iPOJO

Hands-On: Using the new Common Builder for Push-Button PDE Builds

RCP Mail 2.0: Commands, Common Navigator, and Data Binding

Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plugins

Building RESTful Java Applications with EMF

The Art of Model Transformation with Operational QVT

"Single Sourcing RCP and RAP" - Desktop and web clients from a single code base

Using and Extending Eclipse Data Tools (DTP)

Developing Java EE Web applications with JSF Facelets and JPA

Introduction to XSLT and eclipse XSL Tools

A deep dive into the platform resource model

Building your own Cross-Development Environment for the CDT

Eclipse UI Test Automation with SWTBot and Profiling with TPTP

12:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 Effective Mylyn

Embedded Target Communications and Tools for mobile Linux

ReSTful OSGi Web Applications Tutorial

OSGi in Action

Understanding and extending p2 for fun and profit

OSEE, from to deployment...

Advanced Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Domain-Specific Language Development using Modeling Amalgam

Model Refactoring and other Advanced ATL Techniques

Distributed OSGi - The ECF way

Real OSGi Programmers Do Embedded

Building the XML Editor you've always wanted

Towards Integrated SOA Development with Eclipse STP and Swordfish

Building Your First Debugger

PIMP your Eclipse: Building an IDE using IMP

Test-Driven Development (TDD) for Eclipse RCP

17:30 Eclipse Community Awards and Eclipse Karaoke (Theater)